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Prophetic Word 477 12/26/21 Mandates, CDC...

Yes, I Am Alpha and Omega and I say to the States, the United States of America I will take away your passports and your vaccines. I will take away your mask mandates, I will take it all away. Yes, my angels are already here on the earth, dismantling, hmm, ideas from the C.D.C. and those puppeteers and they that run the C.D.C. with their money. I' Am dismantling the whole thing and I' Am removing the passports that are needed for somebody to show to go into a store to purchase or to eat food. I' Am removing the passports. Every city in America shall be free from the passports and the mask, and lock downs. And I' Am going to cause this to happen to every city in the world. Yes, there shall be a reprieve, a reprieve for a very long time in the eyes of man. But in my eyes it shall be short, short enough for the revival to take place for the souls to be won on the earth. I' Am going to plaster my anointing all over this planet. In the midst of every satellite, in the midst of every armament, and weapon. In the midst of every person, in the midst of every situation. My glory shall permeate and people will cry out for me. They will cry out my name. Alpha and Omega, Jesus Christ. Yes, they will call upon me and I shall come and help them and bless them. My angels are here already on the earth causing a great change to take place. I' Am Alpha and Omega and I come to tell my prophets first. Roar.

January 7, 2022 at 4:30 p.m. ET

Key Insights from Jan. 7 Oral Arguments before the U.S. Supreme Court on CMS and OSHA Vaccine Mandates

The United States Supreme Court today heard oral arguments on whether to allow the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ vaccine mandate and Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s vaccine-or-test mandate to go into effect pending review in the courts of appeals. The oral arguments were an almost-four-hour marathon and predicting outcomes based on the questioned asked is always risky.

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