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Pro. Raymond & Deborah Mckenzie

Hello Sons of God Seated in Heavenly Places, for Governments, News, Media, Education, & Finance. Causing a Massive  Wealth Transfer for God's People. Fire Pointe, Jesus People Links. Prophetic Tools for Families, Church Congregations, Bible Studies, Schools, Colleges, Universities, and the Remnant. We are Sparking a Renaissance, a Spiritual Revolution, to Know God's Word, and the Holy Spirit. for the Purpose of Winning Souls to Jesus Christ. "Receive Permission from God, to Move into His Perfection. know His Council and Mysteries. Experience the Powers of the Age to Come. Pioneer the things of God With Us, Become Tomorrows  Forerunners!" The kingdom of God is at Hand. Take Dominion and Authority, "Occupy" Until He Comes.


Our Story

This website offers, prophetic words, worship music, clothing, and a school for all to be encouraged by the Lord Jesus. If you are genuinely interested in learning more about us, you can go to our links. So don’t be afraid, change the world we live in, share us on your social media.

Our story began in South Beach, Florida: Not knowing that God was creating a divine setup for Deborah and I, to fall in love and to be married shortly after. In the early days the Lord would send us to different places in the United States with our last pay checks and a car note, to test the anointing.

(Hmm, a wilderness period.)

We are Engedi Worship Experience LLC, our https is

This ministry has been sharing prophetic words on facebook since 2012. In 2007, while attending a marriage conference called Engedi,  the Holy Spirit gave us clear instruction to use this name for our ministry.


Our core values are facilitating the spreading of the gospel and feeding the hungry, spiritually and naturally, and wining souls for Jesus Christ. We are committed to every follower by the fear of the Lord and the fact that he is coming back real soon. God has given us at least a thousand plus prophetic words that have come in waves of twos, threes and fours: about finance, education, media, inventions, military, governmental, celestial, and personal words.  So come and connect with us and watch God's love shine in this hour.


We are always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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