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Prophetic Word #466 Sept. 22, 2021

New York City will have a revival and I see Mayor De blasio being removed. Mayor De blasio will be removed from his post and I see a new leader coming on the scene for New York. But just like Mayor De blasio I will test this one too. I will test him and try him. I will vet him, in the process. I Am Alpha and Omega and I come to tell my prophets first. New York, New York. I see a new leader coming into New York. Hmm, Yes, some one who knows Donald Trump. This leader is a friend of Donald Trump, Roar. Tongues...

U.S. Politics

Eric Adams Wins New York City Mayor Race As the second Black mayor of the nation’s largest city, he plans to focus on public safety, expanding the economy and ending inequality

I Am Alpha and Omega and I will do this for you. I will cause my right hand to come down upon the earth and I shall shock the nations with what is about to take place. Yes, I will shock the nations. Yes, all of it, all of it is rubbish. All of what they have planed. All of what the left have planed is rubbish and I will cause it to be nought, to be null and void. And I will cause great exposure to come to those who are of the left. And I will weaken their position in the world. I will weaken them and cause my angels to subdue them. I will cause my people to bind and loose them from themselves as a nation as a planet. I shall cause this binding and loosing within my Saints. In the heats of my Saints. They shall bind and loose the left from themselves and I will cause the angels to bind and lose them also. They will come and bind them up and loose them into places where they have no voice.

I Am the Alpha and the Omega and I come to tell my prophets first.

Covid: Huge protests across Europe over new restrictions


21 November, 2021 BBC News

Malawi: Protests over cost of living and unemployment possible nationwide through the end of November /update 2 GARDAWORLD 11/18/21

November 20, 20215:06 PM ESTLast Updated 18 days ago

EuropeTens of thousands march in Vienna against COVID measures before lockdown


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