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Prophetic Word #420 The Truth Shall Be... July 28th 2020 Word.

I Know x3, this is not good, I know. Mighty is the hand of the Most High Living God. Everything I see and hear is not good, for this thing of Covid-19 is bad. But I will use, I will squeeze it like a lemon and I will use everything in the bad and turn it to good. I will squeeze it like a lemon and I will turn every bad thing into good for my people. For the harvest. I will cause them to make mistakes and I will cause them to be exposed. Yes there is person already on the Horizon about to release more information, damaging information, of many leaders in America and the world. But I will send more people to come and release more damaging information on what is taking place. Within the hall ways and the offices of the people, who operate within Covid-19. In the high echelon of Covid-19 management. I shall cause exposures one after the other. They shall topple what they are trying to do to the people of America and the free world. Shame x5 is coming and repentance, repentance x2 is coming. shame x4, repentance x3 is coming. And I shall cause my revival to get stronger and stronger around the world. Just like how they copied each other for uprisings in Hong Kong and then in America and then in England and Paris ah, they shall do the same thing for revival. Unity x2 and unity shall come and over shadow. Shame x4. Yes it is coming. I shall cause damaging information to be released. "Not so, they shall say" but the proof shall be in the pudding, Ha x6. I Am Alpha and Omega and I come to tell my prophets first. Damaging information will be released and it shall not be the first time. Proof after proof, after proof and it shall topple the whole organization of Covid-19. The echelon that operate within Covid-19 shall be toppled in Jesus name. Roar

Tanzania’s President Says Country Is Virus Free. Others Warn of Disaster

Tanzania hasn’t reported a single corona virus case in three months, even as the African continent is expected this week to cross the threshold of one million reported cases. August 4th, 2020. New York Times

Stella Immanuel - the doctor behind unproven coronavirus cure claim

By Dickens Olewe BBC News

July 29, 2020

After Taking Down Her COVID Video, Dr. Stella Immanuel Warns ‘If My Page is Not Back Up Face Book Will be Down in Jesus Name’

by Cedric 'BIG CED' Thornton July 29, 2020 Black Enterprise

Dr Stella Immanuel Covid hydroxychloroquine video: Facebook remove viral post of doctor wey say she use di drug to treat over 300 corona virus patients for US


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