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Prophetic Word #409 Things Put In Place, President Trump, New Era, Covid-19.

I Am Alpha and Omega and I will fill your mouth like never before. And I Am showing you this because you are my Prophets, ah. Yes, There is a war taking place, a battle taking place in the spirit and on the earth and I Am showing you many things. The Corona virus will go away but there will be still some measures that will be placed, put in place, placed upon the people, and they shall not be removed. For we are now living in a time of God's Glory. The last days are upon us and I will cause my people to shine in these last days. The things of the past that where done in the churches are no more. Yes, they will keep on doing what they have always been doing but I will separate the wheat from the tares. and you will live to see... Things will get darker and darker. People will leave the darkness and come into your light. They will come into the light that is emanating from all of the Christians and they will say, "Just like they are leaving New York and flocking Florida." They will say, "No more, no more, we need peace, we need a better life." And as they seek to be like Paul and Timothy, as they seek to be like the bride, they will find peace in me. Corona Virus will go away, for a season but things will not be the same. Yes, stock market will go up, people will try their best to be optimistic and the stock market will go back and people will go back to work. But things will be different in many ways. Many ways, no longer will they be the same. We are now gradually going into a new era, and things of the last decade, that we held dearly will be no more. I Am telling you this because you are my son and daughter. You are my prophets and all those that hear this word. You are my prophets. I Am blessing you in this time. Will cause your light to shine. Corona virus will go away and you will begin to shine, like never before. I will cause all of the bad actors to be rounded up and I will say to President Trump, Keep doing my bidding. I will guide you and protect you, until you are finished with the assignment I have given you. I Am Alpha and Omega and I come to tell my prophets first. Roar.


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