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Prophetic Declaration: Word #426 Vaccines, Fair Rules From Heaven. Sunday 12, 2020 Posted 9/24/2020

I will do this for you. I will make an announcement unto the governing bodies of the world, who follow the C.D.C. I will make an announcement to the C.D.C. itself and to those who are manufacturing vaccines. It shall be mighty as the hand of the Most High Living God. Fair Court, fair rules, fair play shall be issued in away where those who do not want to seek to take the vaccine will be left alone. I will cause it to happen, I will cause it to happen, I will cause it to happen on your behalf. I will cause it to happen. The vaccine will be available but those who seek not to take it, will not have to take it and it will not interfere with their work. They will be able to work, as long as they can demonstrate that they can remain healthy and strong. They do not have to take a vaccine. I Am Alpha and Omega and I come to tell my prophets first. Roar. Covid-19, you have been exposed as a lie, as a huge manufactured hoax. And I will cause the powers that be, that caused this thing to be manifested, to experience failure in their system and will go back to normal for a great season. I shall bring back the Body of Christ stronger than before and I shall cause this thing to be settled once and for all. I shall bring forth unity into the Body of Christ. Into the world, into the homes, into the governments of the world. For a house divided can not stand. I Am Alpha and Omega and I come to tell my prophets first. Roar

Military to support Birmingham's Covid-19 testing: Military support is being brought in to help with the coronavirus testing programme in Birmingham.

About 100 military personnel will aid Birmingham City Council with its "drop and collect" testing programme.

At a weekly briefing, the council's deputy leader said it would assist civilian efforts to maximise the numbers of tests able to be done.

It comes as the number of cases in the city reached 107.6 per 100,000 people - the highest in the West Midlands.

The "drop and collect service" sees tests dropped off at a resident's door and then collected by staff and is aimed at areas with high rates of infection, to provide a service to people who can't leave their homes and to encourage those who may not be proactive in getting tested. BBC News. Sept. 26, 2020

Appeal after footage of man abusing military distributing Covid ... › news › midlands-news › a... Councillors seek to reassure residents after footage has emerged showing a man swearing at the military while they were distributing Covid-19 tests in Hands Worth. ... By. Birmingham 16:13, 8 OCT 2020; Updated 18:57, 8 OCT 2020. These tests were not mandatory, Fair Rules...


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