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Prophetic Word #397 I Am Alpha and Omega and I will show you what I see for Dorian.

I Am Alpha and Omega and I will show you what I see for Dorian. Umm, Yes, Dorian is scheduled to go up the East Coast but as it turns, I will cause it to make a sharp right, into the Atlantic Ocean where there is nothing, but cold water and it will die. I will move it into the ocean, into the Atlantic Ocean where the water is cold, and I will cause Dorian to dissipate. Dorian shall dissipate and shall grow weaker and weaker. And extremely low in power, instantly. I will cause Dorian to fizzle, to fizzle out. In the name of Jesus. In the precious name of Jesus. x2 Millibars, ha, x6 umm. Degrees, umm ha, ha. Measurements, tropical wind forces dissipate, now. I say be stopped in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Die Dorian, in the sea where you belong, In the cold water, where the water is frigid and cold, and you shall not have no life. You are dead. This time and forever. I speak death to you because I am Alpha and Omega. Just like how I cursed the fig tree, I curse you and I say "be of no, none effect. No effect on the people of Florida. On the East Coast of America. Die." You shall cease and decease your work Dorian. In Jesus name Amen. Go out and Die in the cold waters. Wind be still. I Am Alpha and Omega and I have spoken. Sharp turn, Sharp turn. An extremely sharp turn to the right and dissipate in the Atlantic, frigid, cold, waters. Wind be still in Jesus name. Instant simultaneous stopping of your activity. Now, in Jesus name. Tongues....

Tropical storm conditions along portions of Florida as Hurricane Dorian makes slow trek toward the US coast

When Hurricane Dorian was passing by, the Lord Jesus wanted me to wait for the storm to get closer. Jesus wanted me to prophesy as it got close to the East Coast of the United States. My friends and associates were asking me where will it go? As it was passing Porto Rico, the Lord told me to advised them, that it would go into the Atlantic: causing minimal damage.

Capital Weather Gang

Stunning portraits of Hurricane Dorian’s fury

Dorian was as breathtaking as it was destructive.

By Matthew Cappucci

September 7 Washington Post.

Dorian has been a storm none of us will ever forget. It’s as scientifically stunning as it’s been heartbreaking, scenes of calamity emerging from the wreckage. Below, we present some of the most meteorologically spectacular images that depict Dorian’s fury.

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