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Prophetic Inventions

I Am bringing you a new weapon, a new plane, a new plane is being... A new plane, a new plane is being created, to combat the whiles of the enemy. A new plane, a jet plane, a plane, far stronger than any other plane. A plane that will move much faster than any other plane. A jet, that will fire much more. Secret of secrets is about to be unveiled. A new jet, a new military jet is being unveiled to the public. I Am Alpha and Omega, and I come to tell my prophets first.

Naval Life: An inside look at the Navy’s new F-35 supersonic, stealth jet

POSTED 7:17 AM, MAY 25, 2017, BY CHRIS DAVIS, UPDATED AT 02:19PM, MAY 25, 2017

20 of The Fastest Planes in The World

Entertainment May 17, 2016 By Vincent

6. Boeing X-51

Cost: $7,700,000

Top Speed: 3,400mph

Time To Circumnavigate the Globe: 5.5 hours

A pilotless plane that is still under development, it is designed to be a super fast strike weapon with the intention of being operational in 2020.

3. X43A Scramjet

Cost: Unknown

Top Speed: 7,500mph

Time To Circumnavigate the Globe: 3.34 hours

Developed after the second world war, recent leaps in technology means that the project has finally been able to develop hypersonic capabilities. Still a work in progress

2. X-41

Cost: Unknown

Top Speed:13,000mph

Time To Circumnavigate the Globe: 1.9 hours

A project under development by DARPA and the US military to launch missile strikes anywhere in the world in under an hour.

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