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Prophetic Words #437 Joe Biden, Hunter & More...

I Am Alpha & Omega and I'm hear to tell you that it will begin. The Insurrection Act, tongues... Has been put in place and the National Guard, the soldiers, tongues... The soldiers, (ah breath) will be deployed and I am going to arrest Joe Biden. I'm going to arrest him. I'm going to have him and his son arrested and family members and those associates who have been working with him closely and it will not be pretty. I will cause everyone who is leading the Deep State, the key players who are leading the Deep State right now to be arrested.

I AM Alpha & Omega and I come to tell my prophets first. You will know this thing and you will see this thing happen. Yes, they went after the son first and they also went after Joe and now they are going full circle and now they are going to come after Joe first and then they will go after the son. The hunted will be yes, hunted down and they will be detained for a long season before there final fate is dealt to them. I am not pleased with Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and Hunter Biden and those that have been working with them. I say to you this day, "I will release my angels to come down and push for their arrest."

I Am Alpha & Omega and I come to tell my Prophets first. You will see this thing happen. Mighty is the hand of the Most High Living God.


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