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Prophetic Word #483 April 19, 2022 Revival, France, Ecuador, J.B., D.J.T...

I Am Alpha and Omega and I say to you this day, you will see many things. For I Am here and I Am there and I Am everywhere and I Am bringing you this word to help the nations heal. This shall come and it shall change many who have called upon the words of the apostles, the words of the prophets, the words of the evangelist, the words of the teachers, the words of the pastors. Yes, yes, The words, the words of the pastors. The words of many leaders. Hallelujah, for I Am Alpha and Omega and I bring it to you this way. I say to you this day many will leave France. In the coming days, months and years many shall leave France. For it shall be like, yes, a type of Ukraine. Ukraine, France shall become like Ukraine and they shall leave. It shall be desecrated. For these nations are nations that did not follow me. That did not have my ways. These nations. Their leaders are responsible, their leaders are responsible for what is taking place and I will come and I will bring judgement upon France. until people cry out for revival. Yes I shall remove my hand from France. I shall remove my hand from France for a season, Hallelujah. For revival must come, it is a stiff neck people and they most humble themselves.

More than 1,300 arrested after 4th night of riots in France, Macron cancels trip abroad

World Jul 1, 2023 1:42 PM EDT PBS News Hour

Hundreds arrested and a mayor's home attacked as protests roil France for a 5th night

July 2, 20231:00 PM ET By Willem Marx NPR 7/2/23

45,000 police hit the streets as widespread protests erupt across France

Violent protests have swept across France after police shot and killed 17-year-old Nahel Merzouk at a traffic stop. As the unrest continues, more than 2,000 people have been detained and 45,000 police officers have been deployed nationwide. CNN 7/2/23

2 minute read April 6, 20237:15 AM EDTLast Updated 17 days ago

Pension reform protesters briefly invade Paris BlackRock building

and Gus Trompiz Reuters

UPDATE 1-Social unrest over spiralling living costs spreads to France's railways

Caroline Pailliez and Antony Paone Wed, July 6, 2022 at 12:00 PM·2 min read Yahoo Finance

Social Unrest Over Spiralling Living Costs Spreads To France's Railways By Caroline Pailliez and Antony Paone

07/06/22 AT 7:55 AM International Business Times

Ecuador, Ecuador, the leaders of Ecuador, ha, ha. I say to you this day you shall be plundered by those who seek your resources, hmm, yes, they seek to take your resources but i will protect you. I will protect you. You shall be in the news Ecuador

and they shall see you calling out for justice, Hallelujah, hallelujah, hmm, hmm.

Ecuador declares emergency in three provinces over drug violence

Thousands of police and troops will be deployed under the state of emergency, the second to be imposed by the president in a bid to curb drug-linked violence. 4/30/22 Aljazeera

I shall change the very thing that has been taken place with the abortions, yes, the very thing that they have put in place, hallelujah, that that thing that they have put in place.

Yes, where they are trying to wipe out the children, even after they are born. I shall rectify that law and I shall cause it to be turned around. I shall raise up men and women in the Republican Party and they shall change it and they shall come and cause appeal to take place. Even the federal workers who have been mandated to take the vaccines they shall come and cause these mandates to be changed. I Am Alpha and Omega and I come to tell my prophets first. Roar.

Roe v Wade: US Supreme Court may overturn abortion rights, leak suggests


22 hours ago BBC News 5/4/2022

May 3, 2022 11:35 AM EDT TIME

The Supreme Court is preparing to overturn the landmark Roe v. Wade decision that protects the right to an abortion, according to a draft opinion obtained by Politico.

The decision could still change before the final decision is released, likely by the end of June. But if this draft opinion becomes the ruling of the court, the decision would dismantle nearly 50 years of precedent and usher in a new era for reproductive rights in which the legal status of abortion is decided by individual states.

You will see the sun stand still for a nation. I will cause the sun to stand still for Russia. Yes I will cause it to stand still for them. So that they can do battle against the evil doers. Yes, I know it looks as though they have committed atrocities but we have an evil that is in the land, that has been in the land far longer than Russia. And it has been committing evil atrocities for almost the beginning of mankind since the time of Cane and Able, Babylon. Yes, I come to remove that spirit and I have come to bring revival in the land, Hallelujah, hallelujah

I can keep talking through my son and the prophetic word will come to pass and the people will be astonished for how you are yielded to me. For you have yielded your self to me because you where hungry. Tongues. And my words will come to pass. You shall live to see it. You shall live to see it, in the name of Jesus, you shall live to see it.

There will be an upset in the land, an upset. America will experience and upset. Yes, those that follow Joe Biden will experience an upset and I will turn the tables in the favor of Donald Trump. And I shall cause many things to happen. Yes, they use other campaigns and they use other forms of media to distract you from what is really taking place but I will reveal more to the people of the United States and they shall begin to follow after another. Joe Biden's poll ratings will plummet even lower and those puppet master that control him. Tongues, a great loss in their campaigns against freedom, they suffer a great loss. Where the foot of freedom step in and take over and bring the people to understand what is freedom, what is free will. For I Am the one who give free will and I Am the one who causes my spirit an individual. I Am the one. I Am Alpha and Omega and I come to tell my prophets first. Roar.


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