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Prophetic Word #469 The Unborn Children...

I Am Alpha and Omega and I come to tell my prophets first. You will know this thing and you will see it. I will bring it about in a quick fashion. I Am going to abolish abortion, you will live in times where you will see abortion will be illegal, illegal. An illegal thing to do in America and the world. I will weaken the hand of the left. I will weaken the hand of the cabal: those that seek to feed off the dead. The unborn dead, the babies that did not get a chance to live out their life on the earth. I' Am going to cause them all to be victorious. Their voices have been heard in heaven and I will cause them all to be victorious. I will cause them to be victorious, every babe. Every babe shall have their say. Every babe shall have their day, every babe shall have their way. Through the power of the Holy Ghost that shall be released onto the earth and cause men to rise up and say no to abortion. I Am Alpha and Omega and I do not need any angels to cause this one to happen. The Supreme Court will rule in the favor of the church, the real church in America, the Ekklessia. They will rule with an iron fest with this law for many years to come. I Am Alpha and Omega and I come to tell my prophets first. Abortion shall be removed, the law that permits abortion shall be struck down for a long time. I Am Alpha and omega and I come to tell my prophets first. Roar.

PoliticsSupreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade, ending 50 years of federal abortion rights Published Fri, Jun 24 202210:11 AM EDTUpdated 4 Hours Ago CNBC

Roe vs. Wade is overturned: Voices on abortion rights and American life Fri, June 24, 2022 at 1:09 PM·8 min read. Los Angeles Times 6/24/22

5 justices overturned Roe vs. Wade. 91% of senators confirming them were men. Los Angeles Times 6/24/2022

Supreme Court, Breaking Silence, Won’t Block Texas Abortion Law

The law, which prohibits most abortions after six weeks and went into effect on Wednesday, was drafted by Texas lawmakers with the goal of frustrating efforts to challenge it in federal court. New York Times

Published Sept. 1, 2021Updated Nov. 1, 2021

The Supreme Court refused just before midnight on Wednesday to block a Texas law prohibiting most abortions, less than a day after it took effect and became the most restrictive abortion measure in the nation.


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