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Prophetic Word #462 Mask Mandates, Afghanistan...

Yes, You ask for a word, I will give you a Word. I will show you what I see and what I Am going to do. I Am Alpha and Omega and I Am going to reward you for your work on the earth, your time on the earth. Hmm and many like you. I Am going to show you what I see about this mandate, vaccination mandate. Many people are suffering because of this but I will remove it. I will strike it from the books of mankind. I will strike it from their books, I will strike it from them and bring about peace. I will bring about peace. Yes, rest for my people. I will cause this vaccination passport, this request for someone to be vaccinated to be on a job or go to a public dwelling place; to enjoy type of entertainment. I will cause this thing that would make many children be vaccinated to go away. I will stop this work, this mandate called by man, upon it's own people, I will make it go away. And shall cause those who stood their ground to be rewarded. And those who did not stand their ground I still love them. I still call them my children but it was a wicked thing, a wicked thing that was brought upon you all and I Am going to make it go away. I Am the Alpha and the Omega and I come to tell my prophets first. Roar.

Anthony Fauci Published 1 day ago

McEnany on bombshell Wuhan lab report: Dr. Fauci 'can't be truthful'

Bombshell report revealed Wuhan lab used US funding for research. By Fox News Staff | Fox News

Rand Paul says Fauci 'lied again' after release of documents on Wuhan coronavirus research

Virginia Aabram Tue, September 7, 2021, 6:17 PM·2 min read Washington Examiner Yahoo

Dr. Fauci lied under oath when he told the Senate he did not fund gain of function research in Wuhan. 900 newly released documents prove it! That's not just stupid - it's criminal. And Fauci deserves to be held accountable.

Local News Published: August 30, 2021 11:02 am Updated: August 30, 2021 1:10 pm Governor: 30,000 monoclonal antibody treatments have been administered at state-run sites Woman seen in viral photo on floor of treatment center speaks alongside governor

‘It’s going to be appealed’: DeSantis discusses judge’s ruling in Florida school mask case Coronavirus News 8 8/30/21

DeSantis has argued school districts with mask mandates violate the Parents’ Bill of Rights, a controversial law signed in June, which gives parents the right to make health decisions for their children. “It’s going to be appealed,” DeSantis said Monday in Jacksonville, where he was discussing monoclonal antibody treatments. “If you look at the ruling, he’s basically saying that it [Parents Bill of Rights] violated the school boards, but in reality, the school boards weren’t event really parties to the case. I think we’re going to have really good grounds to appeal in terms of the first district court of appeal.”DeSantis said the Parents’ Bill of Rights gives parents the option to opt-out if they believe it’s in their child’s best interest. News 8 8 8/30/21

I Am going to show you this, I Am Alpha and Omega and I will show you this thing prophet. Hmmx3 The Taliban will think that no one is going to strike them for the work that they have done. Isis will think that no one is going to strike them down for the work that they have done. For the killing of American citizens, Afghan citizens but I will no longer cause their blood to be unanswered. I shall release, I shall release my military forces, my angelic forces into the land, and I shall cause a military build up of foreigners to be in their place. A conglomerate not just one nation but many nations shall occupy that land to bring about peace in a region. Yes, they said, "Americans, Americans here." But they will be not only be governed by Americans but they shall be governed by British and by others. Other nations, like a type of NATO influencing this melting pot called Afghanistan. It shall become a melting pot. Children being birthed in this place by Afghan women coming together with service men. Causing a new nation to be formed. Who seeks to be like the Western World. I will change the face of Afghanistan by sending in troops. Yes, to take out the cancer and to be placed as ambassadors reigning and ruling for many years to come. Ha, Ha, I Am Alpha and Omega and I come to tell my prophets first.


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