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Prophetic Word #440 More Storms, Trudeau, Military Frigate...

I Am Alpha & Omega and I say to you, "I have been waiting for your my friend." You are here with me now and I'm going to cause a word to come out of you. Yes, I Am Alpha & Omega and I come to tell my prophets first. Yes, you will see this and you will know this. It will happen. I see mighty storms coming to Florida, mighty storms coming this way to Florida but the Prophets and all of those people who are filled with my Spirit have the ability to speak to the weather. I will use these people to cause the storms to be flattened. Mighty is the hand of the Most Living God. The winds shall subside and there will be more weather anomalies taking place in the U.S. and the world. But I shall be there in the midst waiting for those who have the power. The power that comes from me to cause it to die. Mighty is the hand of the Most High Living God. I do this to cause my people to fall in line, to cause my people to know who they truly are, by watching the demonstration of weather being controlled by its very own people, my people. My people controlled by God, controlled by me in the way that they are co-laboring with me and I Am co-laboring with them and I will cause a controlling of the weather. Mighty is the hand of the Most High Living God. Yes, President Trudeau, Prime Minister Trudeau whatever he is, will resign from his office. He will resign from his post. I say this to you now, "Trudeau will resign from his post of office." I will cause him to resign in the name of Jesus. I will cause him to resign. Ah. Yes. Yes, Yes x6 more exposure coming, more exposure is coming between the left, yes and those who work for the left and those who are deep, deep, deep within the left of the left. The left itself, yes and those that are deep in. Exposure is coming. They shall run and hide and snitch on each other and it shall cause a terrible thing in the land. It shall cause the news to awaken from their slumber as they begin to see new tech giants come up who are for the people. New news stations come up who are for the people. I'm going to help them in Jesus name. I shall cause a shaking a shaking to take place on the earth like never before. I shall cause all of those who thought to steal the country from the people, to repay America. Yes they shall repay America and the people of America. Ah Yes, I will hold them accountable for what they have done. Yes, in fines and jail time and executions. Mighty is the hand of the Most High Living God. I Am Alpha & Omega and I see a ship, a military ship yes, in the ocean having problems. Yes, you will see it, a military ship in Australia, in the seas of Australia having problems. Military ship having problems in the seas of Australia. Chinese frigate Chinese, Chinese ship having problems in the ocean going towards Australia.

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