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Prophetic Word #436 Bill Gates, Revival...

I Am Alpha & Omega and I say to you this day. Bill Gates will turn himself in and he will do this because of the revival taken place. He will say, "I place myself under citizen arrest." But they will not arrest him. They will see that his heart has changed and they will just slap him with some fines. To get some money under the table which is sensible to do, because he needs to give some of the money back that he took in business. But I will say to you this day, he will begin to change his heart to what he sees in the fields and in the stadiums, and arenas and the parks. Yes, he will turn his heart to God, to Jesus and he will release money unto the body of Christ and those that serve the Lord. I will cause him to have a change of heart. He will repent. I will release my Angels to come down and cause him to know me, to know my will, to know my heart. Him and his wife and those that work with him. Yes, they will have a change of heart and I will cause him to give his money to the body of Christ to fund the Gospel. For he will be overwhelmed with joy and sadness when he sees the people of the world unite to come and worship me. He will realize everything that he was doing was for the sake of Satan, not for the sake of the Lord. Finally he shall wake from his sleep and he shall say, "I would like to do good for the rest of my days."

I Am Alpha & Omega and I come to tell my Prophets first. Yes you will see this thing and know this thing. It will happen. You will see Bill Gates change his heart. He will have a change of heart and he will begin to serve me and bless my people. Yes, I Am Alpha & Omega and I come to tell my Prophets first.


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