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Prophetic Word #433 China Dams, Virus Freezing Money.

I AM Alpha and Omega and I come to tell my prophets first, you will know this thing. You will see this thing, and it will happen surely in your time, in your season, in this time that you are asking. You will see this happen. Yes, they are planning a mighty thing, a mighty thing on the earth to cause America to fall but I AM Alpha and Omega and I speak to you, into your vessel. Tongues... I speak to you, into your vessel, hm, hm, and I say, no x5. This thing that is going to happen on the earth, that they plan, will not happen. Because I am intervening and I am causing a great vibration to take place in heaven and also in the heavens and the vibration will be felt more on the earth. Great on the part of the, tongues, the prophets. It has been great on their part what they have been doing but now I will help them. I'm releasing this word through you and though many others. Yes, it has come through dreams in code but now I will reveal more, more, to you Prophet Raymond. Ha, ha, tongue... You will see it, you will see it, there is a vibration taking place in the heavens and it is going to shake the dams that are located in China. Every dam shall break and the water shall fall right into the C.C.P.'s offices. Tongues... I AM Alpha and Omega and I come to liberate the people. I've come to liberate the people. This water will fall right into the offices of the C.C.P. and they shall not know what to do when it happens and there shall be a virus that will come and freeze all of the monies, tongues, freeze all of the monies that are coming out of China and those leaders and those government leaders that are saying, "we are waiting for our payoff. We are waiting for our funds to come to us. For we have done the deed you have asked us to do." Like the 30 pieces of silver. Judas, do you know what he did? He came and return the 30 pieces and took his own life. Many of you will feel this way. You will feel disgusted at what you have done and my word shall go forth and this virus shall freeze all of the monies coming out of China and you will have to be the ones that will cut and run. Just like another one who has been caught and er, he was running from the press. Running away from the press. Hm, well, I have come and I am showing you what is coming next. The dams shall break in China and the people will not know what to do but the C.C.P. will be no more because there offices shall be flooded and their funds shall be frozen by a virus and the people of the world will say, "we didn't do it." Yes, they will not know where the virus came from and it is a way for you to know, to plan, to stop it from happening but there is no way because you wont know when it happens, it will happen. The virus actually came from heaven. It was a virus that came from heaven. A type of, tongues, a kind of angelic power that will cause anything that is written to be rewritten and changed and they will look at each other and they say, "we did not send that, we did not do that, like how they have done with coronavirus. They said we did not do that" but it will not be a pointing or a finger pointing match. It shall be a time of looking up and repenting and coming down prostrate on to the ground and letting the holy ghost minister to you. To change your DNA, to change who you are. It is like the battle that took place in the heavens when you were in that place in the realm of the spirit, where you were with Michael and Gabriel. And a battle was being, tongues, a battle was being, tongues, taken place, was being planned. And Michael received the word of the Lord along with Gabriel but it was Gabriel who touched you and Michael said release the word and the word was released. And as the word was released, mighty explosions took place in the spirit realm. Not like an atomic bomb on the earth but like a bomb that has 100 bombs going off within it. So much light was given and as the word was released Michael was able to take the hill. So I say to you this day the prophets will move forward and they will do the work of the Lord and they will say, "the virus shall happen, the waters shall be released and the people shall be a part of the harvest." Yes I am Alpha and Omega and I come to tell my prophets first. You will know this and you will see this thing happen. Yes you will see this thing happen in the name of Jesus ROAR.

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