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Prophetic Word #431 Exposure Coming, Earthquake, The Press, Trump, and the Open Door.

I am Alpha and Omega and I say to you this day, "I'm not pleased" but I have already sprung my trap for Donald J. Trump. He has sprung many traps on my behalf, many traps, and I say to you this day. Fear not, for I will cause an exposing, a light shining moment, Ha, Ha. They will say, "whatever but I will say Ha, Ha, and laugh until derision. For there will come certain republicans and certain democrats, who have seats in congress and the senate and they will say, "what have we to do we this. They are not talking about us." But I will bring so much shame and (embarrassment x2) that they will have to make up their minds and cut and run. I'm bringing cleansing into America, I'm bringing my righteousness into America. I am showing you, I am Alpha and Omega I come to show you this thing that will take place. Mighty is the hand of the Most High Living God. Your courts will listen to Donald J. Trump and his legal team and he shall have the favor of every establishment that has the authority to grant him his request. To grant him the request of the Lord, for him to be the President for the next four years. I am Alpha and Omega and I come to tell you this thing that is going happen, there shall be a mighty exposing of the people who are in authority and I shall cause this exposing to be so great, that they will be embarrassed and they will cut and run. They shall hide and they shall not believe what just happen and the press shall be fined because they are not following the rules and the regulations of the free press and how it is suppose to be established in a society that has rules and regulations. For they have broken the laws that surround themselves around the free press and I shall cause fines, great fines to come upon them. I shall cause great fines to come upon them and the earth shall move and their will be an earthquake in several places when this happens and it will be a sign that the news has been shaken to the core and they shall look up and listen and say, "is God really speaking, is he really speaking in this hour." Tongues. Yes, the Lord is speaking in this hour and he is bringing his judgements upon those that are interfering with his desires, the Lord's desires. He is coming quickly you know my son is coming quickly Alpha and Omega is coming quickly. Tongues. He is coming quickly you know and you must be ready church, for you must enter in and let the Lord be a part of your life. Donald J. Trump Shall be the President for the next four years and the door that has been closed for many years shall swing wide and no one shall be able to shut it. I am Alpha and Omega and I come to tell my prophets first. Justice shall be served to all of those that have wrongfully um, (treated,) mistreated President Trump. Yes, justice shall come. Yes, it shall come, it shall come. And the Lord shall fill his prophets and they shall speak the very thing he asked them to say on their lips and they shall not be afraid of man or any system that exist on the earth. For they are a mouthpiece of the most high living God. Mighty is hand of the Most High Living God. Fear shall be a byproduct of those that are weak. For the body of Christ shall rise up and they shall do whatever it takes to cause the work of the left to go away, with the help of the angels that have already been dispatched to the planet for which you have seen and they have worked with you mightily, they shall see too their eyes shall be open and there ears shall be open all senses shall be open and they will do my bidding. I am Alpha and Omega and I come to tell my prophets first. I shall cause California to be free again and the gospel shall go forth from that land with excitement and jubilee. Yes excitement, excitement and it shall never be the same again. Earth shall never be the same again. Getting ready for the last days but the kingdom must reign for a good season so that the harvest may come. I'm Alpha and Omega and I am doing this because I have children that need to know who I am. Children on the earth need to know who I am and I'm moving on behalf of the Saints, and the children and those who are unsaved and who will be saved. I am Alpha and Omega and I am bringing about an exposing that will be so great exposure like a camera, a film of a camera being exposed from the back of a camera itself. exposure that will bring about the end of this nonsense and President Trump shall be ushered in and they shall say, "we cannot do this anymore we must take the stronger candidate not the weaker one." who is set to embarrass himself over and over again before the public they will say, "we cannot have this person be in charge of our country. We cannot have this leadership be in charge of this country. We cannot have a leadership that laughs at every question and dodges every question with a prideful heart." Donald J. Trump shall be the President for the next 4 years. You mark my words, some exposure, great exposure, not some, great, yes, great in the eyes of man. Great exposure shall come to those in leadership and they shall repent, they shall cut and run and repent for their deeds in Jesus name. This is the prophetic word of the Most High Living God. He has spoken. Tongues. Praise...

California Revises Indoor Church Guidelines After Supreme Court Ruling

By CBSLA StaffFebruary 8, 2021 at 5:00 amFiled Under:KCAL 9, Los Angeles

Supreme Court says California cannot ban indoor church services CBS News, February 6, 2021 / 9:56 AM / AP

BOOM! Dem Senator BREAKS RANKS Attacks Biden After He Kills THOUSANDS of Jobs with Stroke of His Pen

59,743 views •Feb 3, 2021

#N3WATCH: Biden SURRENDERS America With 3 New EO’s Then RUNS When Press Asks About What He’s Just Done 41,629 views •Feb 3, 2021

  1. 5.835 km ENE of Villa Presidente Frei, Ñuñoa, Santiago, Chile, Chile2021-01-24 00:07:45 UTC110.8 km

  2. 6.9South Shetland Islands2021-01-23 23:36:50 UTC9.6 km

  3. 7.0210 km SE of Pondaguitan, Philippines2021-01-21 12:23:05 UTC95.8 km

  4. 6.427 km SW of Pocito, Argentina2021-01-19 02:46:22 UTC20.0 km

  5. 4.24km SE of Aromas, CA2021-01-17 04:01:27 UTC8.3 km

  6. 5.550 km NE of Bandar-e Lengeh, Iran2021-01-15 21:31:04 UTC8.0 km

  7. 3.62km W of Concord, CA2021-01-14 19:18:10 UTC15.2 km

  8. 6.232 km S of Mamuju, Indonesia2021-01-14 18:28:18 UTC18.0 km

  9. 6.730 km SSW of Turt, Mongolia2021-01-11 21:32:59 UTC10.0 km

  10. 6.3Kermadec Islands, New Zealand2021-01-08 00:28:49 UTC224.0 km

  11. 4.310km NW of Pinnacles, CA2021-01-02 14:42:23 UTC6.3 km

Twitter and Facebook have seen $51 billion of combined market value wiped out since booting Trump from their platforms Market Insider Jan 13, 2021

Ben Winck Jan. 13, 2021, 05:06 PM

  • Technology

Twitter Stock Drops In Reaction To Permanent Suspension Of Trump Investors Business Daily. Twitter looses 5 Billion Dollars

Poland’s New Bill Slaps $2.2 Million Fines For Social Media Companies Censoring Lawful Posts

By Jonna Marcaida Calagui Dec 23, 2020 01:25 PM EST Christianity Daily

Magnitude 6.3 earthquake Affected countries: Japan and Russia 62 miles from Hachinohe, Aomori, Japan · Dec 20, 12:23 PM


SolarWinds hack that breached gov networks poses a “grave risk” to the nation

Nuclear weapons agency among those breached by state-sponsored hackers.

Dan Goodin - 12/17/2020, 3:56 PM ars TECHNICA

SolarWinds Hack May be Tip of Iceberg, Evidence of Multiple Hacks Found

By Tom O'Connor On 12/17/20 at 12:46 PM EST Newsweek

Orion hack exposed vast number of targets – impact may not be known for a while

Analysis: eavesdropping on high-value targets is labour intensive so hackers may not have made most of access

SolarWinds. The Guardian 12/17/20

Government’s antitrust case against Facebook seeks a villain in Mark Zuckerberg

Antitrust enforcers are casting the billionaire executive, once one of American tech’s ‘darling superstars,’ as a sneaky and rapacious brawler who vowed to ‘crush’ the competition 12/9-10/20

Facebook Must Be Broken Up, the US Government Says in a Groundbreaking Lawsuit 44News 12/9-10/20

Barr Worked to Keep Hunter Biden Probes From Public View During Election The attorney general knew for months about investigations into Biden’s business and financial dealings

Wall Street Journal

Fourteen U.S. Army leaders fired or suspended at Fort Hood

The shake-ups come in response to an independent review of the base’s command climate and are an effort to correct a yearslong culture of sexual assault and a pattern of violence at the base.

by Emma Platoff and Shawn MulcahyDec. 8, 2020 Updated: 4 PM

News Ref. Chinese spy as limo driver for twenty years

Dianne Feinstein ‘seriously struggling’ with cognitive decline: report

December 10, 2020 | 1:58pm

Senator Rick Scott: Eric Swalwell Has No Place on House Intelligence Committee After Ties to Chinese Spy

Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Pelosi says she has no concerns about Rep. Swalwell after report he was targeted by alleged Chinese spy

Rep. Eric Swalwell refused to say if he had sex with a suspected Chinese spy who slept with 2 mayors for an intelligence campaign Ashley Collman Dec 10, 2020, 5:55 AM

BREAKING: Joe Biden's son, Hunter, says he's facing a tax investigation by the US Attorney's Office in Delaware

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