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Prophetic Word #430 Election Correction...

Mighty is the hand of the Most High Living God. I Am showing you this thing prophet. I Am the Alpha and the Omega and I Am showing you this thing. The word of the Lord has gone forth. I Am showing you this thing. Satan seeks to change times and seasons but I Am going to stop his work and I will give the Presidency to Donald J Trump. Mighty is the work of the Most High Living God. I Am giving him the presidency over Joe Biden. Yes, the left seeks to steel it from the one that is in the office at this present time. Through devious motives as you already know but I have come to release the prophetic word of my prophets, to cause a situation, ah, tongues. To cause a situation to be released in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, surrounding states, surrounding cities, towns in that area. I point my finger. The finger, the finger of God into that area and any other area that is mimicking Pennsylvania and I say, "Cause the work of the Most High Living God to take place in those cities, in those towns, in those regions, in those states." Mighty is the hand of the Most High Living God. For I will not let the work of Satan prevail in this place. I shall be using the prophets who have subjected themselves unto the glory of the Most High Living God. Unto Me, who have sacrificed their bodies, their souls, their hearts and the their minds. Their spirits unto me. For I will move on the earth on their behalf and on behalf of their families and friends and the people of the earth. And I will say, "be gone Democratic party, be gone Joe Biden, be gone Left, be gone, for you will not occupy the White House. You will not occupy the White House for the next four years. Donald J Trump, Trump shall occupy the White House, in the name of Jesus. Tongues." Mighty is the hand of the Most High Living God. Prophet singing, "for you are holy, holy, holy, holy." Tongues. Thus saith the Lord. Use this word wisely and cause the realm of the spirit. The realm of heaven to be materialized into the realm of earth. what ever you bind on earth you bind in heaven and what ever you loose on earth you loose in heaven. I Am Alpha and Omega and I have spoken. Roar, yes, I roar like a lion. I Am the Lion of the tribe of Judah. The roaring lion and I have come to do my work through President Trump and those who work with him. Mighty is the hand of the Most High Living God.

Is this true? God Knows.... Joe Biden working and signing executive orders from Castle Rock / Amazon Studios

Kayleigh McEnany appears on Hannity for third night in a row waving MORE affidavits and claiming election fraud - as Pennsylvania judge rules that a small number of ballots be tossed

Daily Mail. com 11/14/2020

Live updates: Trump campaign notches court win over Pennsylvania ballot deadline

The Trump campaign has filed several lawsuits in Pennsylvania and other battleground states

Fox News. 11/13/20

Richard Hopkins, a mail carrier from Erie, Pa., accused his boss of instructing employees to pick up and bring him ballots that were received after Election Day. Hopkins said he overheard his boss discussing backdating postmarks to make the ballots appear as though they had been collected by Nov. 3, instead of Nov. 4 or after.

Fox News 11/11/2020


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