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Prophetic Word #429 News Media, President Trump, Military Ships, Dams...

I Am going to show you my son. I Am the Alpha and Omega and I am going to show you what I will do to the press, the news, the media, the profiting of the media. The prophetic words that have been released from the media and the money they have made from every negative and lying word. They do this for money. Yes, there may be commercials that are running in between their news stations and they are making money from those commercials, tongues, but they are also making money under the tables from certain leaders and owners and nations who are rogue in the area of trying to control America. But I say to you this day propaganda you must go away. In fact I will pack your bags for you and I will put you on the next train to hell.  I will remove every demonic spirit that is operating in the news media and I will cause the fear of the Lord on every news anchor and every news person and every associate working in the newsroom.  I will cause the fear of the Lord to come upon them and every owner of the news media network.  A certain type of network that brings the news which at this present has been the news from the pit of hell.  Especially the words that have been spoken against President Trump and his allies in the White House.  I will say this thing now, I am coming and I Am coming quickly.  I shall obliterate every word that's being said. Every thought that being thought out and provoked into reality. Provoked, pushed out into the realm of reality. I shall sequester and (sequench). I shall sequester and quench every word that is not of me and I will cause the fear of the Lord, my fear to come upon those that are working in the newsroom.  I Am the Alpha and Omega and I say to you this day no more shall they bring bad news, negative news, horrible news about Trump.  Negative news about corona virus. Lies from the pit of hell,  I will send it back to the same place where propaganda is going to the same place where, hmm, where those lying tongues...  The media shall pay for their behavior, great fines shall be, be imposed upon them.  They shall learn their lesson and I shall cause the fear of the Lord to come upon them and they shall not be able to act the way they did before.  In fact those great fines will not only touch the media networks, the bosses and company owners but those great fines will come upon the anchors and those that assist the anchors with the news itself.  Laws will be pass and they will see that they can't not bend and twist the truth like they used to.  A new day, a new day has come and I will show this to the world.  I am Alpha and Omega and I come to tell my prophets first. Roar. Yes, I roar like a lion. (HA x7) For I Am the Lion of the Tribe of Judah and I Am roaring upon the news media and the fear of the Lord is prevailing  upon them. Roar


Yes, I thank you for asking. Let me see what is on the dockets.  Hmm x3. This thing about assassinating President Trump shall not happen. I am releasing my angels and they are protecting him in every way. They have gone forth already on the planet and they are in battle array around the white house and within the white house and within every vehicle he goes into and rides. Yes, I have my angels around him in battle array and nothing shall harm him even the people protecting him shall be more heroic than ever before and they shall see and feel the presence of my angels working with them and they shall do mighty things on their behalf on behalf of themselves and on behalf of me and the President of the United States.  They shall do mighty works, yes, sacrificial works but nothing shall happen to the President of the United States. Hmm, hmm. Yes, nothing shall happen, nothing shall happen.  I have released my Glory also to be with him.  I Am the Alpha and the Omega and I come to tell my prophets first.


Military ships, military ship in the ocean.  I see a military ship in the ocean, in, tongues, in the seas where China has occupied its navy, its military forces and their shall be a great malfunction.  There shall be a great malfunction within the equipment that they are using (on their ships x2), and I shall cause it to be shameful and embarrassing and they will say, "how did this happen, we cannot go to war now, not with the dams coming releasing, malfunctioning, the way they are and our ships malfunctioning, the way they are malfunctioning." I have caused this to happen because I am the Alpha and the Omega and I am showing them that I am the God of all Gods. Tongues. I Am showing you prophet my power is surging through you and you will know this thing to happen.  HA,HA. I am the Alpha and the Omega and I come to tell my prophets first

Tru advised that the U.S. and China had talks on Wednesday 28th and Thursday 29th of Oct. 2020 regarding peace in the China Sea.

War Begins (Oct 22, 2020) - China Forces 'On High Alert' after U.S. Warship Sails near Taiwan

41,772 views •Oct 17, 2020 See this Video.


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