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Prophetic Word #424 Antifa, Black Lives Matter.

I Am Alpha and Omega and I Am coming quickly. And I say to you this day, I Am bringing this thing on the earth that will cause Antifa, Black Lives Matter to be obliterated like a bomb going off. Their lives matter too but I Am going to cause them to be removed from the planet in such a way, that they will say, "what is Antifa, what is Black Lives Matter?" My revival is going to come into the atmosphere and people will begin to be unified, after the days of Trump, After the days that are left. "What days Lord?" The days of Trump. Ha, he's coming into a new day. A new place, a second chance, a new time of office, a new place, new ways. And the people will say, "we must be in unity, for the atmosphere has changed and the bombs have gone off. That are removing Antifa and Black Lives Matter. Yes, lives do matter but the truth shall prevail and when the truth comes out everybody will say just like Covid-19, "what a farce, what a farce, farce." Whoa unto them that planed this, For they shall be removed. Just like Antifa and Black Live Matter. Yes, the lives that matter are the lives of people. Not different groups. People in general, these lives matter. The lives of people in general. People of the world. I Am bringing about a new thing and it will bring unity. And the revival will be able to kick off as I had planed. I Am Alpha and Omega and the bomb has been dropped. Yes, The bomb of bombs that will change atmospheres has been dropped onto the planet earth. Just like a vile that has been released or a bowl. This has been released onto the planet. I Am Alpha and Omega and I come to tell my prophets first. Roar.


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