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Prophetic Word #423 Tropical storm Josephine, Secrets, Covid-19,

I Am Alpha and omega and I will tell you what is coming next and what I Am doing next. I Am going to bring about a powerful, powerful thing on the earth. I will cause Corona Virus to go away forever. Yes, they will come with another virus. The Corona Virus will go away but God's people, God's people will not be affected by the viruses that will come. And they shall be angry about this. Why aren't these viruses working? Why aren't the Body of Christ dying? In great numbers. But my glory is upon you, Psalm 91 is upon you. Corona Virus will go away, I will cause it to go away. I will cause exposure, after exposure, after exposure to be released into the earth. In regards to the W.H.O. and the C.D.C. and those who are planing to, tongues... To cause a subjection, a subduing, a pressing down of the people to happen in plane sight. But I shall release trillions and trillions of my angelic host to father and protect and guide and cover the people of God. My people, my children, my worriers. I shall cause them to be protected. In Jesus name.


And the next storm that is coming upon, tongues... the waters of the Atlantic, Josephine. I shall make Josephine die in the Ocean. Her waters will grow weaker, her air pressure will grow weaker: by the help of my angels. I shall suppress the air, I shall suppress the wind. In the very place where it turns the most and I shall weaken it and cause it not to make any problems for the people of the earth. I Am Alpha and Omega and I shall do this for you. O, I shall do it for you. Tongues... (This was seen days ago!)

Tropical Storm Josephine 2020 Computer Models, Spaghetti Models

Spaghetti models are in tight agreement that Tropical Storm Josephine will move west-northwestward across the tropical Atlantic then curve northeastward towards Bermuda.

The CMC computer model (yellow triangle) is the western outlier.


I Am bringing about a new thing. Yes, great exposures, great and uncovering, shall happen in the White House. Shall happen in the Senate, in the floors of the Congress. One senator after another and I shall raise up new ones to take their places, who will be Godly and wise and they shall follow my path. My foot steps. I Am bringing about wisdom, wisdom, wisdom, Tongues... Exposures coming, exposure is coming to Capital Hill, the White House. Exposures coming to congress and the Senate. Things that were hidden will come out. In Jesus name.

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3 September 2020/SF News/Jay Barmann

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