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Prophetic Word #418 Fauci to be Removed from the White House.

I Am Alpha and Omega and I come to tell my prophets first. You will know this and you will see this thing happen. I Am showing you this very thing. Mighty is the hand of the Most High Living God. I Am bringing you into a place of holiness and I Am showing you in this very thing that will happen. You see many things. Center yourself, see what I see. Tongues... Fauci, Fauci will be removed. I see Fauci, he is going to be removed. I see him being removed from the White House. Fauci, I know what you have done. I see what you have done in secrete and I Am going to have you removed. From your seat, from you place where you seek to control the people of the world. In the very thing that you are planing and in the very thing that you are working for. With others who are thoughts... who have the same thoughts as you do. The same calculations as you do. But Fauci you will be removed from the White House. I see it coming sooner than you think. I Am Alpha and Omega and I come to tell my prophets first. Yes, and I shall give you new experts Donald Trump. New experts who, tongues... filled with my Spirit. Who know about virus engineering. Bio engineering, chemical engineering. Tongues... I shall give you the right people. To help you, be careful, be careful who you align your self with Mr. Trump. President Trump. For I will have to do my work, my clean up, my clean up work for you. Be careful. Chose wisely. I Am Alpha and Omega and I come to tell my prophets first. Roar.

Who is Dr. Scott Atlas, Trump's New Coronavirus Task Force Adviser?

Published September 28, 2020 • Updated on September 28, 2020 at 11:20 am NBC News

A New Coronavirus Adviser Roils the White House With Unorthodox Ideas

Dr. Scott Atlas arrived at the White House as a coronavirus contrarian, questioning controls like masks. He has angered top health officials while pushing a suite of disputed policy prescriptions. New York Times, Sept. 3rd, 2020.

White House seeks to discredit Fauci as coronavirus surges Many of the statements the White House criticizes Fauci for were based on the best available data at the time and were widely echoed by Trump and other officials. NBC News. 7/12/2020


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