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Prophetic Word #412. Waters, Atmospheres... May 13, 2020

Mighty is the hand of the Most High Living God. I say to you, this thing is out of control. I agree, and this will be stopped by my hand. I shall cause my right hand to lift up from my throne, from where I sit on my throne and I shall bring it down across the waters of the world and they will take note. And you think that they will be worried about Corona Virus? I will say to them, "pay attention and see what is coming next." The very thing that is coming will shake up Corona Virus and social distancing and all of the rules that they have imposed upon the people and make it pale in comparison to what is coming next.

The thing that is coming will bring about the revival and I shall cause my atmosphere to be upon the planet earth. And the glory shall flood the earth and bring about a change

in the hearts of men. For they shall see my power being revealed before them. I shall cause the atmosphere of the planet earth to change in such a way, that men shall put away their social distancing. Rules and regulations and their affairs that they are having with other leaders, in regards to shutting down governments and cities for their own agendas. And they shall take note of the very thing that I shall cause to come upon the earth. Yes, they will look to me and they will say, "why God, why." For the sake of the revival. For the sake of the harvest and for the sake of order. I shall change this chaos and bring about my order. I Am Alpha and Omega and I come to tell my prophets first. I Am bringing about my order and my power shall reign on the earth. Roar

Why the stock market is up amid chaos in the streets

Published Mon, Jun 1 202012:26 PM EDTUpdated Mon, Jun 1 20202:56 PM EDT. CNBC

Demonstrators, police clash across nation in another night of protest. Washington Post. May 31, 2020

NBC News Weather Sponsored By Gulf system expected to become Tropical Storm Hermine The tropical depression developing in the Gulf of Mexico is expected to become Tropical Storm Hermine sometime on Wednesday. TODAY's Dylan Dreyer says there are hurricane watches in Florida cities along the Gulf, with the possibility of storm surges and flooding

Flooding still a threat in North Carolina, officials warn. Transportation officials in North Carolina say travel remains dangerous across the state. Hundreds of roads remain closed and rising floodwaters remain a threat in the wake of Hurricane Florence. TODAY's Sheinelle Jones reports. May 21, 2020

These before and after images show how much a Michigan dam failure drained a lake

Story by Paul P. Murphy; photo editing by Sarah Tilotta, CNN

Updated 6:53 PM ET, Wed May 20, 2020

Photos and videos show the destruction after 2 dams collapsed in Michigan, threatening a town with 9 feet of flooding

Kelly McLaughlin, I N S I D E R. 12 hours ago Michigan Gov. Whitmer declares State of Emergency after dam breaks in Midland County

Water could be as high as 9 feet. Chicago at risk...

Tropical Storm Arthur set to bring heavy rain to North Carolina Tropical Storm Arthur has 45 mph winds and should miss North Carolina.

By Max Golembo May 18, 2020, 8:05 AM 3 min read

Get ready, North Carolina. ‘A wet & wild storm’ is on the way, forecasters say

By Charles Duncan February 03, 2020 03:02 PM

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