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Prophetic Word #410 The Plans of Jesus, Revival, Corona Virus, True....

I Am waiting for the voices of the prophets to speak. when I say to you this day, You must speak on behalf of me and the kingdom of heaven. Speak on behalf of your God, Alpha and Omega, the Lord of Lords, Abba Father, King of Kings, Lord of Lords. Holy Spirit, speak on behalf of the heavens, speak on behalf... And I say to you, "I will come and put a stop, I will put a stop to this thing, that is taking place within the governments of the world. So that the revival may continue. To bring forth its fruit. I will put a stop to those who seek to juxtaposition for power, who seek to take all the power from those who believe in my name. I will obliterate those who are trying to come with their plan. You will not come with your plan. oh deep x5, your not deep at all." In fact, you are afraid of me and my people. And now, my people are rising up and they will take their position and they shall prophesy the very thing that I need to see ah, for this Pass Over. This, Tongues... I will bring a change, I will bring a positive out come, to the people of the earth. And I will cause the enemy to fail in his plans to subdue the people. To make slaves of the people. To count them like cattle, and to categorize them like animals. I shall put a stop to his work in Jesus name and I shall release my glory upon the earth. And I will show my harvest to the enemy and I will say to him, "Do not touch my treasure, do not touch my earthen vessels That are en-treasured, containers. For I Am Alpha and Omega and your plans will cease to exist for a long season. I will cause my harvest to come about. And I will stop your hand from wielding its assignment on the earth. The virus will go a way because they are awakened to the true affect of what is causing the virus. And they will slow the hand of the enemy, under my leadership. Under my command. The people who are for me will slow the hand of the enemy and they shall bring the culprits to the accountability table. To the table of accountability and there shall be a season where the hand or the hands of the enemy shall be cuffed and subdued and the harvest shall come. It shall come forth and it shall cause many lives to be saved in the world and people will go back to their lives and say, "ooh that was close, that was close." But I will say, "you must worship me, you must serve me, you must love on me, and I must love on you. And serve you." So be the children who I have called you to be in this long season I am going to give you. As I slow the hands of the enemy. He shall not make slaves of you or steel your finances. In fact, I will make him work for you. I will cause him to look upon your abilities and your successes and he shall pine and serve you in this season. I Am Alpha and Omega and I come to tell my prophets first, roar. He shall not succeed. The hand of the right, the hand of the kingdom of heaven, the hands of God, shall move into the planet earth and shift it so that the revival can take place. And I will watch those diligently who exhibit pride. For I will knock them down and raise up a new face. A new person. I will cause them to pay attention to the word humility and the harvest shall come forth and I shall have my fruits. I Am Alpha and Omega and I come to tell my prophets first.

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