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Prophetic Word #408 Corona Virus, Covid-19, Wealth Transfer...

Yes I Am Alpha and Omega. The same chemical that is in a person, that is released when they exercise, can be stored and manufactured. The chemical that causes your immune system to be strong and vibrant is a thing that can be used in a new drug. And I do not want you to say that you have claims on this drug. For this drug comes from me. I Am Alpha and Omega and I have already made you wealthy. So you do not have to participate in the wealth of this new drug. But I Am Alpha and Omega and I not only heal people with my power but I also use man made tools that come from me. To cause healing to take place and I will say to you, that the Corona Virus is now about to leave this world for a season. And I will cause the wealth of the wicked to be laid up for the righteous. And they shall be paid in full for the things that have been taken from them in the past. By leaders who unsavory, who are rebellious and wicked to their citizens. I Am going to cause a massive wealth transfer to take place. But before that happens I Am subduing the enemy that has been rampant in America and through out the world. And I Am causing him to be null and void. No more, canceled, struck down, to fall from his, tongues... To fall from his house. And he shall hide and run, but I shall track him down. With my armies that are on the earth. And I shall remove him with the power that is flowing through my angelic beings. Yes the wealth of the wicked shall be laid up for the righteous. And they shall begin to have their own business. And they shall prosper and they shall do things that have always been on their hearts. Dreams shall be manifested and all kinds of projects shall be discovered, tongues... pushed forth, created, delivered. Like a deliverable. In a computer project. But I say to you, "this is a season that most people will not forget." And It shall go down in the history books. In the annuls of history of the planet earth. Corona Virus go away for a season and cause revival to grow in America and around the world. I Am Alpha and Omega and I come to tell my prophets first. Roar.

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