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Prophetic Word # 487 The Coming Crash, Military Ship...

I Am Alpha and Omega and I come to tell my prophets first. You shall know this thing that is coming. Worship me, worship me, I Am Alpha and Omega and I seek the true worshipers. I Am seeking out those who want to worship me in Spirit and In truth. I Am Alpha and Omega and I Am coming quickly and I Am bringing you this word. Ha, Tongues.... ("I know the thing that you seek and I Am bringing it to you. I Am seeing this word right through you." Singing) I bring this word to you, I Am seeking out those who need me, mighty is the the hand of the Most High Living God. The world is in a mess and I Am coming to correct it. I Am bringing a correction and the factions that fight over real estate, over assets, over souls, I shall render them powerless. Those factions that are using these people and Items. Assets and people for their ill gotten gains, I Am releasing my power upon the earth. Yes, it shall shake, it shall shake, the earth shall shake. I Am speaking through my vessel. My vessel has anything and nothing and everything to do with this, for he works for me and I for him. But we seek to save life, we seek to win souls. We seek to turn the very thing that Satan has created into some thing good, for he copies everything I do, and now I Am releasing a prophetic vision that I see for America. Yes, the market will crash and then it will correct it self and everything will go up, up, up, up from here and many people will become wealthy. But I seek to have them, those that become wealthy, I seek to ask them to come and join my kingdom. Those that are not saved. Hallelujah, Tongues...

And now I see an incident taking place. Yes, in America, this will be recognized. For you will see a navel ship, a navel ship, doing maneuvers in America and soldiers will be put in harms way but I will release my angels to save those soldiers. And the vessel that is navel shall be saved. I shall cause my power and my angelic, angelic angels to come down and assist the prophet. Tongues... And they will live to see it. You live to see it on the news. A navel vessel in maneuvers and sailors being saved.

2 Sailors Injured by Gas Leak Aboard USS Mustin Docked in San Diego USS Mustin is undergoing routine maintenance at a shipyard near Naval Base San Diego By City News Service • Published July 7, 2022 • Updated on July 7, 2022 at

5:47 pm

And I seek to tell you more, more. Zelensky of Ukraine shall be court marshaled has a leader of his army, as a general of his army: he shall be court marshaled. He shall be served noticed and I will begin to bring truth into his life and I will begin to show him my ways. I Am Alpha and Omega and I come tell my prophets first. Roar. This thing will wined down and everything will go back to normal for a season and those who I called to raise up a standard on my behalf shall rule for a season and then the last days shall be truly upon the earth. So get your self some oil, seek out how to receive my oil. By way of the Holy Ghost, that is being assisted by my glory.


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