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Prophetic Word #404 Corona Virus, Known as COVID-19

I Am Alpha and Omega and I Am showing you this. The people in China will rise up and they shall take their rightful place in government. My people shall rise up and take their rightful place in government. I Am going to use them mightily. For the Corona Virus as a thing to shock, to shock the leaders in china and those in power. "To say that you rule the earth, with your goodness, your military might?" I Am going to show you many things prophet but this thing that I show you with a virus called Corona shall be killed. Shall be put out. Shall be stopped for a season. And then it will be unleashed again. And again, and again in the near future. So, I say to you know I Am watching China and the neighboring countries of the world and they have been put on noticed. For I Am about to bring about the revival that has been promised to many promises, many prophets. It has been prophesied and promised to many prophets. And I shall bring about the revival in stadiums and arenas. In China, in Asia, in Viet Nam, in Malaysia. Many x4 more evangelic, evangelistic activities, shall be known on You Tube and many other agencies who record news. And the revival shall cause the people of China to say, "We serve the Lord Most High and we are calling forth a governmental change.” As Rick had prophesied and said on True News. So, I say to you, this is about to happen. It is about to happen. And when the virus leaves and it is stamped out, I shall bring about the revival amongst the Asian people. And you will live to see it prophet. You will live to see it prophets. I will show you the revivals. The great coming of the Lord is Soon. I Am coming to this earth. My arrival to this earth is soon. And I Am bringing about such a thing, like never before, that will cause the people of the earth to pay attention. Yes, the Corona Virus will be killed for a season and then it will be brought back again and again and again to cause. Tongues... To cause a neutralizing of powers that be. They shall release it amongst the communities as though they have done nothing. So, it will be hard to trace. It would be hard to know who did what. So, I say to you this day, this Corona Virus shall pass, and all will go back to normal. And I will watch over the people. And I will make sure that they get ready for the harvest, for the revival. I will cause my harvest to come in. I Am Alpha and Omega and I come to tell my prophets first.

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