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Prophetic Word #392

I Am Alpha and Omega and I come to tell my prophets first. You shall know this thing that is about to happen. You shall know this thing that is about to happen. I Am coming to you quickly with the events of the future, which have already happened. In the events of the past. From where I Am these events are in the pass and in the future, but you must understand that I bring to you prophet. So that you must cause the world to know the events that are going to take place. That are going to take place from me, and I also bring comfort to those who seek to hear my voice. I Am Alpha and Omega and I come to tell my prophets first. Russia, Russia x4. I Am showing you Russia in this season. Yes, mighty is the hand of Russia but my hand is mighty, mightier than Russia, and I shall show them. As they press more into me, I will press more into them. As any country in the world presses more into me, I will show more of me and Russia will cause mighty manifestations of my Son, Jesus to come into the earth. Because they shall begin to press into me and revivals will begin to take place, and they shall say we must make agreements. As brother Kim Clement said, that Russia seeks to make agreements on a spiritual level. But I say to you the people are genuine, but the government needs to press in deeper and they shall press in deeper, as the years come. They shall press deeper and deeper into my word. Russia, they will begin to rise up and they will begin to speak their voice and they will say to Iran, "You must denuclearize your arsenal. You must stop your proliferation of nuclear weapons. You must secretly say to yourselves, what are we doing in this season and take the word, heed the words of Vladimir Putin. Ha x5. Putin will say this to Iran, and they shall begin to listen. Europe has already sounded the alarm. Now Iran will have to listen to Putin and the USA. And China, they will also say something, and this will cause Iran to be quiet for a season.

Putin Visits Pope Francis on 4th of July CNA News 2019

I Am showing you this mighty thing, this mighty force that is going to take place. Summer x2. Weather in the summer, winter weather in the summer, summer. It was just hot here. One hundred and fourteen plus degrees. Now we have snow. Snow on the ground. I Am so saddened by this, but others will be happy to know that I Am in the midst of this. You see I Am changing the events of the weather. I Am changing the weather events. The events of the weather to unearth what is in the ground. Energy x2 is in the ground, and I Am bringing it out of the ground for my people. Mighty is the hand of the Most High Living God.

Vehicles buried as parts of Mexico are slammed with more than 6 feet of hail

By brendan rand ABCNews

I Am Alpha and Omega and I come to tell my prophets first. You shall know this, and you shall see this. America x3 You shall see my hand in this season, but my face shall be in your land and it shall be visible from the sky, and you shall see an unusual anomaly taking place above the earth. Unusual anomalies taking place above the earth. Things not seen before. UFO's, they call them, but it is only a thing that is created by man chosen to be unusually different in the sky. This thing that shall appear in the sky shall leave a trail, and the people will say, "what is this, what is this that is taking place in the sky, China had one, but it was a rocket they were testing, but now we see this anomaly that is in the sky." I Am Alpha and Omega and I will allow man to produce an anomaly in the skies above earth. Incredible to man’s eye, but not incredible to me. Mighty is the hand of the Most High Living God.

Large fireball caught on camera streaking across South Florida sky. American Meteor Society says it was space debris. 5:06AM July. WPTV

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