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Prophetic Word #389

Mighty is the hand of the Most High Living God. There will be a series of battles, being planed in the battle rooms of the world. The battle rooms. These battle rooms are planning there next victories but I Am going to protect you prophet and all who are around you. And I Am going to bring about every battle and every battle room. Every room that is talking about battle, every room that calls it's self a war room: I will cause it to be obliterated for a season. There will be no war. No war will be turned or functioning, or created in this season. I' Am bringing about my revival. Revival will begin to come alive and I will show them. Look out, look out, watch what I have to plan in these coming days. In these coming days. You will look out and you will see these things coming to pass.

Russian, Chinese Leaders Hail Burgeoning TiesRussian President Vladimir Putin has hosted Chinese leader Xi Jinping for Kremlin talks reflecting increasingly close ties between the two former Cold War-era communist rivals.By Associated Press, Wire Service Content June 5, 2019, at 2:48 p.m.

An “Emergency” Arms Deal: Will Congress Acquiesce in Another Blow to Its Authority?

by Diana Ohlbaum and Rachel Stohl

June 6, 2019 Just Security

US senators introduce motions to block Trump's arms sales to Saudi Arabia

Lindsey Graham, a key Trump ally, says now is 'not the time to do business as usual with Saudi Arabia By MEE staff in Washington Published date: 5 June 2019 10:09 UTC | Last update: 2 days 15 hours ago

Battle ships x2, showing up at the wrong sea. showing up in the wrong ocean. Battle ships being placed in the wrong place, overnight and they will say, "how did we get her? we are not to pose to be her, but we are here." And I the Lord do this in front of man. I will cause battle ships to appear, to be in the wrong place, (doing the wrong thing, at the right time x2) so that they can be exposed. I will cause these ships to be exposed. In Jesus name. I Am Alpha and Omega and I come to tell my prophets first.

US and Russian warships nearly collide in the Pacific

By Brad Lendon, Barbara Starr and Zachary Cohen, CNN

Updated 6:11 PM ET, Fri June 7, 2019

I have much more to say. I said it before and I say it again. I Am Alpha and Omega and I Am bringing you more prophetic words. From my words, from my lips, from my heart. It already happened but I bring it to you anyway. I show it to you. You will see soldiers marching, marching in a place called China. Marching, and they will say, " We are coming to conquer. We are coming to take over." But I say to them, They do not represent the Chinese people.Yes, it is their government Yes, they feel that they know everything that needs to be pass down to the people. But I say again, the Chinese people will rise up and revolt against their own government and weaken the hand of the leadership and weaken the hand of Kim Jong un. And weaken the hand of the leader of China. The people will rise and they will say, "no more, no more for a season, no more" We are coming and we seek to be apart of the revival, that is taking place. Music will be released and people will start to sing and dance and prophesy. And people will begin to get healed and set free and delivered. In the last days, yes. The government of China will receive a revolt from it's own people because they know that life is much better on the other side of the world. I Am Alpha and Omega and I come to tell my prophets first.

Ad 01:25 - up next: "Timelapse Shows Thousands Marching in Hong Kong Against Extradition Bill"

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Russian destroyer gets 50-100 feet from US ship


Timelapse Shows Thousands Marching in Hong Kong Against Extradition Bill

Duration: 00:57 7 hrs ago

Hundreds of thousands marched through Hong Kong on June 9, 2019 to protest an extradition bill that would allow the transfer of suspects to mainland China. Some estimates put the crowd’s size at over 500,000, the South China Morning Post said. Australian tourist Eric Pearse captured timelapse footage from his hotel room. It shows the crowds moving down Causeway Road by Victoria Park. Credit: Eric Pearce via Storyful

I Say this for President Trump, my hand is upon you, Donald Trump. I Am bringing about my words through you and I Am going to change your heart and make you more like me in the last days. In your last coming days. I will show you who I truly Am. And you will say, "how did I ever get through that, how was I ever able to get through all of this. Only by the hand of the Lord." I Am going to show you, and protect you and guide you and lead you and make you more like me in the last days. For the things that are coming in your direction, you will have to turn to me. And you will be fine, you will be more than fine. You will be finer than fine. Finer than the wine that is being drunk by the kings of the earth. You will be fine. And I will say to you, "how do you feel?" and you will say, "I feel fine." You will come into agreement with me because I Am Alpha and Omega and I Am bringing you my wine. You will be drunk on my wine. You will laugh more and you will have more play in your heart and more rest. Because the last days of your presidency, that are coming ahead will be a blessing to the world. Your presidency shall not be short but it shall be long and far and wide. And shall stretch into the other generations to come. I Am Alpha and Omega and I come to tell my prophets first. Be drunk on the wine Donald J Trump. Be drunk on the wine.

Faith & Values

Published 6 days ago

Rival gang members risk their lives to get baptized together in Texas maximum-security prison

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