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Exhortation, Edification, & Comfort.

I Am Alpha and Omega and I Am bringing you my love, I' Am bringing you my joy, I' Am bringing you my peace. I Am showing you who I truly Am. I Am making myself available to you. Even more than ever before. Mighty is the hand of the Most High Living God. I have released my angels to help you. I Am releasing my Holy Spirit to help you. I Am releasing more of my glory, to come and over shadow you. In the ways and bound of its power. You shall see my hand, waft over you like a friend, in the noon day. I Am coming and I Am bringing my love. Waft over you, as if I Am waving. Waving, attempting to pick you up and carry you home. You are like my children and I have called you to serve me because the benefits are far more greater than what you would receive by living a life for yourself on the earth.

So, I say to you, submit. Call upon me, call upon my name. Receive my love, receive my precious kindness. Receive my mercy and my grace, receive my favor, and I will continually be for you. I will always be for you. It is not my wish for you to go and live out your days in a place that was not designed for you. A place known as hell. It is designed for you to be in heaven with me. Through the Pearly Gates, onto the streets of gold, living with me. In the cities, in the places that I put away for you. Put aside for you, designed for you, created for you. Many mansions that are prepared for you, places. And now, even though you are already in to places, I' Am still releasing my love and you are my darlings, and you will be forever be in my heart, I Am Alpha, and Omega and I come to tell my prophets first. You shall never lack. Your wealth shall be upon your head, it shall be in your hands, shall be in your heart. So, whatever it is I put inside of you, cause it to cause the transfer of wealth that belongs to you. I Am Alpha and Omega and I Am telling my prophets in this very hour. Amen.

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