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Prophetic Word #385

I Am bringing it to you now. I Am showing you. Mighty is the hand of the Most High Living God. I Am Mightily removing Maduro. Yes, even though there is a stand-off taking place, in the eyes of the world: I Am showing you something else prophet. For they are planning a removal. A kind of thing that is showing up in the earth, a removal. Yes, the Cubans are there. Prince Charles went to Cuba and spoke, ha. Now Russia is there, ha. Now China is there, oh. Yes, they know people have been suffering. The people of the nation and the government itself has been suffering but now there will be a removal. I will cause my angels to come with my power and cause the leadership of all of these fine mighty super powers: these powers, Russia, China, ha, even Cuba. For they have stood against the mighty America and I will cause them to come into an agreement with the United States. They shall remove Maduro. I Am moving him out of the picture. For the Chinese will receive what they have come for, and the Russians will receive what they have come for. And Maduro will agree to the terms of these world leaders. Ha, America, ha, Cuba, Russia, and China. And he shall bow and say to himself, "I will take the money and I will run, I will take the money and I will run. Even Prince Charles has said things. And I will take the money and I will run." I Am Alpha and Omega and I come to tell my prophets first, roar… Tongues....

Venezuelans march for power, water and end to Maduro

Venezuelans took to the streets on Saturday to back opposition leader Juan Guaido and protest against President Nicolas Maduro, after weeks of power cuts and limited access to water. April 7, 2019 Global News.


News Latin America

Venezuela in crisis: All the latest updates

Venezuelans and the world await the next moves by two adversaries maneuvering for an edge in the power struggle. Protest grow bigger, fighting for the removal of Maduro.

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