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Prophetic Word #379 24/7 Prayer Call. 1/27/19

I Am going to bless the 24/7 Prayer Call. I am going to protect them and bring favor, and prosperity to them. As they pray. Including yourself. As you help them with whatever prayers. You are doing. I am showing you. Mighty, whatever prophetic words you have for them. I will bless you all, in the things that you are doing. Praying for your leaders, your president. I'm going to cause the very works, the very works that they are doing to be fruitful. In these last days. Many shall be saved. Many shall be saved, because of the prayers that are being released by these prayer warriors. 24/7 prayer call. I will protect them. I will cause those, that seek to cause harm to them and their words, and their thoughts, to be nullified. To be pressed, suppressed, counseled out. Removed by the Holy Spirit. By my angels. It's not like the Holy Spirit can't do it by himself, but I want to make a grand spectacle, finale of this battle that is taking place. As they pray. By removing it, that was, that is being said to them, in a negative way. I am Alpha and Omega and I come to tell my prophets first.

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