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Date: Fri, 11 Jan 2019 22:29:58 -0500 Subject: Testimony from Robert If you remember our conversation, I stated that I believed God had given me the gift of healing but I did not, had not, see it manifested. You encouraged me that it was the gift of emotional healing and my spirit kept being itchy for the other. After the cruise the group drove to the hotel as most of us were flying home to the states on Thursday. No longer than when we had gotten off the bus, in the parking lot of the hotel, an 82 year old woman fell. The ambulance was called and I went with her to the hospital. Results from her x-rays will show that she had broken her hip in two spots. I saw the x-ray with my own two eyes. We have a report in our hand reporting the fracture. The hospital was a public Italian hospital and it was so crowded, so busy, that they did not care for her diabetes, no catheter, so she was soiled and because it was Halloween many crazy injuries. The 82 year old kept begging me to get her out of that hospital. So I kept calling her travel insurance company to help me move her. It was agreed to take her to the Rome American Hospital. The hospital called for an ambulance to move her there. The ambulance arrived but because the insurance company could not pay yet as they were in America and we had just filled a claim and there was a time difference, one of the drivers kept telling me "impossible impossible". The other driver had compassion and told me if I paid 220 Euro we could go. He took me to an ATM and it was decided we would go. The other driver was still telling me no, no, no. While we were waiting for the ambulance to make up their mind to what they were going to do with us, the Lord said 'put your hand on her' and pray so I did. We got into the ambulance and drove about 45 minutes and pulled into a hospital. Not the American hospital. I said, this is not the American hospital. I am confused and the driver told me there were no beds at the Rome American hospital. We walked in at 1AM and they took Mary back and they wanted 1000 Euro as deposit from me. I did not have it. Mary did not have it. I called the insurance company, got a translator to approve our being there and she was beginning to be treated. I finally sat down in her private room and prayed and thanked God for the care she was now receiving. At 2AM Mary and I prayed in the hospital in the dark alone and entreated the Lord. Because Thursday was the Roman/Italian holiday of All Saints Day, the administration office of the hospital was closed. Thursday morning they did x-rays and stated she would have surgery on Friday morning. She needed screws placed in the hips. Thursday afternoon the Dr. ordered another set of x-rays. He came back to me late Thursday evening and said the fracture was different than what the previous 2 set of x-rays revealed. The doctor stated we would do a CT Scan on Friday morning and decide from surgery afterwards. So I got a hotel room near the hospital. My mother left the group of breast cancer woman and joined me Thursday afternoon. Friday morning the administration office was hounding me as they had never worked with this travel insurance company and Mary needed to pay the bill asap. I tried to explain tried to get the insurance company on the phone to connect them so a guarantee could be planned. While I was sitting waiting for my turn to turn in more paperwork. I look up and see that this hospital has an affiliate in Pittsburgh. It came to my mind of an email address of one of my moms breast cancer board members had a similar email as this hospital. She was on the cruise with her sister who is very ill from breast cancer. Because I am her travel agent, I knew she was still in Rome until Saturday. So I texted her this Rome hospital that the ambulance brought us to was headquartered at her hospital in Pittsburgh in the same hospital. So she could make some calls so Mary's insurance would be accepted. Friday afternoon the CT Scan was complete and Mary had no fracture. Wait. What? Mary was completely healed. Tears, tears, tears. Friday evening the doctor had her up to be walking and released her to go home today. She was healed. Proof in the pudding that x-ray 1 and 2, and 3 showed two separate fractures. Scan, showed none and she no longer had pain. Now it is early Saturday morning I sit in the hotel room praying for the insurance companies to get us a flight home asap. It appears we will be taking her to a hotel wit us tonight and fly tomorrow after the doctor fills out the fit to fly paperwork. We will have to fly with her to Tampa and then make our way to St. Louis. Please join me in praise and prayer. Praise for so many things. Praise that the ambulance driver that would not let his partner impossible stop us. Praise that the Rome American hospital was full. Praise for the Salavator Mundi International Hospital and their extreme kindness to us. Praise for the young man who was looking for a friend being treated in the next room, who came in and prayed for Mary. Praise for the no shadow of a doubt, proof in the pudding, God's miracle of healing that we watched and documented before our very eyes. I just am in awe. Cannot stop the tears. Cannot stop the praise. Cannot even comprehend his love. Prayers that Mary can be joined to her 63 year old son who could not travel because he has no money and no passport. He will pick her up from the airport. Prayers for journey home. We need the Lord to fly us home. We need the insurance company to pay for us all to get home. Mary needs first class so she can lie down. It appears we will be flying her from Rome to Tampa and then my mother and I will go to St. Louis. We need the insurance company to pay to get us home. It is very costly as we are booking the day before and flights are full and as you know it is a long flight with lay overs. I just sit in awe. God amazed me. It stared with me sharing with you that I had an itch of wanting to see the gift of healing that I thought God had given years ago that was never scratched. Until now. I am in awe of his love. His steps for us. His grace. How he loves. I wanted to share. I wanted to thank you for your prayers for me. I will be in touch after we get home. God is worthy of all. Jesus, Name is above all. He is Yes and Amen Blessings, Laurie

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