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Prophetic Exhortation, Edification, and Comfort. Prophetic Word #373, Additional...

This is your personal exhortation. I shall bless you and I will show you my hand in this season. No devil in hell shall get in your way. Tongues. Let My Love cover you, like never before. You shall see the goodness of the Lord upon you. The goodness of the lord, in the living, the land of the living. You shall see the good in all of my work. For my love has been released upon you. Just like how I released my son on the earth, to die on your behalf. I am releasing my love that is great like that again. No greater love, it has always been there but not many of you were able to receive it. The way you are going to receive it today. My glory shall be released on to the earth, my love shall be released on to the earth, and many shall be saved. Many shall be saved. Born Again, revival, revival, not since the day when my son died on the cross. The love has always been there but it will be seen by many who have lived their lives without me. And they shall take it. I shall bless you more and more and more and more, with my love. And Alpha and Omega and I, come to tell my prophets first.


​Supreme Court Judge, Supreme Court Judge, another Supreme Court judge will be chosen: after the elections. Hand-picked, during the elections and released to the public, after the elections.

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