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Biography: Brother Raymond Mckenzie. "This Bio Will Explain How Jesus Christ, Can Lead You Back

Prophetic Counsel

We deliver precious strategies, that will develop partnership and support for businesses, churches, and ministries. We are here to help improve your engagement with the Higher Power, Holy Spirit.

We will help you understand why you are getting your current results and foster change that produces momentum—empowering you to be the best whom God has called you to be.

It is not uncommon for a lull or plateau to exist, only to see success beginning to appear by the next meeting, as a result of God's process.

Prophetic Counseling

Prophetic counseling is enlightenment, information, and instruction established on the perfect foundation of the Word of God, by carefully listening to the Holy Spirit.

Prophetic Guidance

These concepts and ideas mentioned above, are documented well throughout the Bible. People sought out the Seers and Prophets for spiritual direction.

The seers and prophets had a personal relationship with the Lord. The same case exists today, for those who have devoted their lives to the Creator.

Seers, prophets, and ministers of the gospel throughout the Bible, were always compensated by free will offerings and gifts of love.

Our Web Host, facebook, and governmental agencies know of the authenticity of our work.

About Us

we encourage you to visit our website at, while you are there, spend some time educating yourself on who we are, and what we do. People will want to know why they should get help and what it means to them.

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Raymond Mckenzie

was born in The United Kingdom, as an identical

twin. Raymond and his brother attended Reidham Boarding School. Purley, Surrey. This school was patron-ed by Queen Elizabeth II. When the opportunity presented itself, his father and mother immigrated the family to America. New York City was the first stop. Growing up in the cities of Brooklyn and Queens, Raymond had a passion for the arts. Raymond attended Timothy Baptist Church, where he studied the Bible and played guitar for The late Dr. Ancrum. Dr. Ancrum was one of the Spiritual Advisor to President Jimmy Carter. This friendship led Raymond to perform for many dignitaries at Capitol Hill, Washington, D.C. Dignitary list: The King and Queen of the Zulu Nation, Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, the Prince of Islamabad, and Lionel Hampton.

Raymond received the opportunity to work with the Gospel Chorus of

Music And Art, that was featured in the hit movie,

"Fame I Wanna Live Forever." Raymond has performed at the Apollo Theater on two occasions, under the sponsorship of Unicef. He was a member of the ChinAfrica Reggae Band with Wayne Chin, touring parts of the East Coast of America. Raymond studied sound engineering with the late Philip Smart, at H.C&F. Recording. Raymond would help Philip with his radio show, at the campus of New York University (WNYU Radio). Raymond went on to play Ocean Drive, South Beach, FL. Coco Walk, Coconut Grove, FL., and had music parts on T.C.I cable. Shortly after, he sailed the high seas, on the Royal Majesty Cruise Ship, Norwegian Cruise Lines, as one of their top entertainers. Raymond owned and operated a record company at160 Broadway, New York City, eventually landing a deal with the late Don Cox, Cox Communications.

Raymond rededicates his life back to the Lord Jesus Christ: Raymond attended Calvary Chapel, South Beach, FL. He was an active member of the worship team for four years. Raymond married his wife Deborah and attended Spirit of Life Ministries. Hallandale Beach, FL. Raymond and his wife served the church and the worship team for five years. Raymond won a full scholarship at Barry University for a degree in Public Administration.

Raymond also has extensive training in armed executive security. He received his training from C.I.S. and Tactical Operation Group. Raymond holds a gambit A list of Icons, he has provided private security for: Gianni and Donatella Versace (a year and half before Gianni's passing), Jeff Bezos, Anna Kournikova, Jim Brown, Deebo, President H W Bush (assisting the Secret Service at the Dorral Hotel On The Beach), Thalia, Tron Lafavor (football great / church security), Bethel Music (Steffany Gretzinge, Amanda Cook, Josh Baldwin, Paul McClure, Kalley Heiligenthal), the late David Cassidy, Russell Simmons, Massimo Lopez, the Italian Frank Sinatra, and Chris Wallace of Fox News. The highlights of Raymond's career where at the home of Gianni and Donatella Versace, Ivana and Ivanka Trump (for real estate developer, Ricardo Olivieri), the University of Miami, Whole Foods Regional Office, FL., and CNN News, CA Raymond has always used his gift of enlightenment, insight, and understanding on the job.

Media Platform: The birth of in 2007, led Raymond to get involved with feeding the hungry. He has helped Christian organization raise money for various needs. Raymond has been spreading the Good News online and activating others into their callings. Raymond has been called by many to speak about the path he chose and the fruit that it has produced. Raymond has been an active consultant for many businesses and churches. Raymond and his wife have participated in the promotion of the 24/7 National Strategic Prayer Call for America and President Donald Trump.

Motivational:Public Speaker

Raymond has many exciting life stories to tell, he is available to speak on executive security, motivation, empowerment, inspiration, Christianity, faith, hope, creativity, media, endurance, world hunger, the prophetic, and theophanies. Raymond is a self-motivated person, encourager, and knows how to persevere. If you are requesting Raymond's services: Your time with the prophet, will give you further insight to what God is doing in the earth, in this season of your life, and how you can help the ministry facilitate the spreading of the gospel, and feeding the hungry. Raymond and his wife Deborah currently live in Florida. Raymond and Deborah are both Born-Again Christians, who are on fire for the Lord Jesus Christ.

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