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Prophetic Word #369

Yes, I Am Alpha and Omega and I come to tell my prophets first. This asteroid, (yes x6), is predicted to come by the earth and on to the earth. But I will use you and many others like you, to cause this thing to repel back out into the sun, where it belongs. And I will cause it not to touch the earth, in this season. This thing is big and the news media is just making hype because they don't understand what is taking place. It is a body that is flying around, causing the people of the earth to submit to me, (in this x2) season. Even though I Am Alpha and Omega and I Am also out side of time it self, I Am going to cause this asteroid to repel around the earth and fly into the sun another time. For another time. One more time. It will be a thing you will have to keep your eye on. But it will not touch the earth in this season. I Am Alpha and Omega and I come to tell my prophets first. Amen.

NASA Asteroid Warning: Giant 2,600-foot Asteroid FP118 to Skim Earth Today Monday Sept. 3rd, 2018

Yes, I will protect President Trump. I will cause him to be entrapped in my bosom. I Alpha and Omega, you can see this, you can see President Trump resting his head on my bosom. He is in my secret place. I Alpha and Omega and I Am protecting President Trump and his cabinet, in my secret place. And have you ever heard of the Teflon Don? He shall be know as the Teflon Don. One who will not be hurt by any bullets, or any kind of weapon because he will be known as the Teflon Don on the earth, in this time. I know it sounds funny but I Am also a God of great humor and I love my brother Trump. My son President Trump. My child President Trump. I shall protect him in this season so that he will be used to weed out every negative person. As for the press I will bring embarrassment to those that have been talking bad things about him. I will bring great embarrassment to them. I will begin to cause those that have been saying negative things about President Trump to be exposed. Exposed in this time and season, in this realm. I will cause them to be exposed. I will cause the enemy that has been protecting them to be stripped of their power, so that these news people can be exposed. I Am Alpha and Omega and I come to tell my prophets first. Mighty is the hand of the Most High Living God.

Free Republic August 23, Posted : August 24th, 2018 The Teflon Don: Why Trump Survives....

Les Moonves resigns from CBS after sexual misconduct allegations

10 September 2018 BBC News

Juile Chen steps away from CBS’ ‘The Talk’ after Moonves fiasco. New York Post Sept. 10th, 2018

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