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Finance World Hunger

The billionaires keep on saying, "we are doing enough to support the impoverished of the world." Those of us who want to see this crime against humanity end, are beginning to take matters into our own hands. We are raising awareness among those who can make a difference. "The people who can make this change, are you and me." Finance World Hunger has chosen to share this campaign on facebook, and other social media platforms. We are continuing to create videos to get our message across to the general public. After seeing countless pictures of men, women, and children left to die in barren places; we could not remain silent anymore. keeping the impoverished without the luxuries we take for granted is wrong, immoral, and irresponsible. Our billionaire friends are kind and diligent, but the truth is, hunger still exist.

Can you chip in $25 to help Raymond and Deborah get the subject into the public eye? Click below and Watch the video on our web page and contribute:

We have spoken to many of the pastors in our region. They are really moved by this whole experience.

Here is a note from Raymond N Deborah on facebook. We are elated over the statements, the likes and who ever saw the videos. We are honored that you all responded, we are moved. For so long we felt helpless, having the sense that there was nothing we could do to make a difference in regards to ending world hunger, and bringing the people of the world up to speed about the reality of this situation. We made a vow to God and ourselves that if we could unlock the desires inside of our hearts, we would do everything in our power to help the world make a transition to end hunger where we live. Thank you all so very much for giving us this tremendous opportunity. We are very grateful.

Raymond N Deborah will be working on the next ad and other concepts that will reach more people, as you read this letter.

Can you chip in $25 to help Raymond and Deborah get their message across through a big online and TV ad campaign?

The billionaires are saying, "we are not doing enough," and the people of the world are saying, that the politics of other nations that have been experiencing massive starvation among their people groups needs to change." It is unfair to leave these people without proper food, shelter, and resources.

Feeding the hungry is more than a catchphrase. The way to support the impoverished is to spend 24 hours with them physically or spiritual and begin to release the love that is needed in these times.

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