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Prophetic Word #329

I Am Alpha and Omega, and I come to tell my prophets first. You will know this, and you will see this. I Am calling you to rest, but in the process of the rest, I Am showing you something. You must be more humble, more quiet, more clever, more gentle. Gentle as doves, and wise as serpents. And I will show you a way, how I will fight the enemy, in Jesus name. The next biggest thing is North Korea, North Korea is still in the picture. They will back down, they will not do what they say they will do. I will put my hand on North Korea and I will silence their rhetoric. I will cause them to be the one who will remember the Most High Living God. I Am not pleased with Kim and his works, and I will come behind that nation, North Korea, and I will silence them for a while, for a season. They will be quiet for a season, for a while. And I will be able to do the work that I would like to do with Mr. Trump, and the military in the region. I will patrol the places that need to be patrolled with my angels. I will cause my power to be released all over the earth, especially in that region, in this season. And I will cause Kim to be quiet. You will no longer threaten the armies of the Most High Living God and the armies of the world any more. He will be silenced for a season. He will not do it! I will silence him in his works, in Jesus name.

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