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Prophetic Inventions: archive

Yes, I have an invention that is coming, salt, salt will become a new type of power, that will be harnessed once again on the earth. they shall know this by going into the salt mines and they shall discover a new way. They have a battery that is made by salt, but they shall use salt as a different form of power. I Am going to bring it to you now. Salt will be brought to people in such a way that they will use salt to power the lights in a city, in a town, in a park, in a field, in a place were there is lighting to be used. I Am Alpha and Omega and I come to tell my prophets first. 

Sodium-ion batteries

Scientists in Japan are working on new types of batteries that don't need lithium like your smartphone battery. These new batteries will use sodium, one of the most common materials on the planet rather than rare lithium – and they'll be up to seven times more efficient than conventional batteries.

Research into sodium-ion batteries has been going on since the eighties in an attempt to find a cheaper alternative to lithium. By using salt, the sixth most common element on the planet, batteries can be made for cheaper and we won't need to worry about lithium running out. With battery-powered cars on the increase it's only a matter of time before lithium becomes too rare and expensive.

Commercialising the batteries is expected to begin for smartphones, cars and more in the next five to 10 years.

I Am going to bring you wealth prophet, wealth, and those who are around you, and those who are associated with you; I Am bringing them into a new place of wealth. Money is going to come to you, like never before. Finances will come to you like never before. Great wealth will come to you. Great abundance and wealth shall come to you, and it will bring great blessing to you and your friends. Wealth is being released unto you in this season, like never before. I Am Alpha and Omega and I come to tell my prophets first.

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