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World News: Fire Pointe / Good News / Knowledge of God / Father's Love - Prophetic by Kim Clemen

There is a man who is filled with my Spirit. This man is in Anaheim who will come and invent something that shall give men access to the knowledge of God but in such a mysterious and unique ways that even the ungodly will be researching and searching and they will be filled with knowledge. And they shall come as the Saul of Tarsus came. God says they will come in because of the invention of this unusual key. It looks like a star but it's missing one point. Please keep your eyes open for this. "Kim, why are you telling us this?" Because I'm seeing it, my spirit has connected with the future. Why? Because this move of the Spirit that shall transpire out of California, Southern California, this that shall come out and emerge shall come out in such unusual fashion. Men shall buy it to listen to. They will sing it. They will speak it. But they will be speaking the Word and God say my knowledge shall spread through California to begin with, like the fires that you've experienced, the unusual fires. So God said the knowledge of the Lord shall fill the hearts and lives of men and this move shall not only reach the church but it shall go to every kingdom that exists and every area, the media. And God says people will say "We no longer need to do it in a fashion that puts people off. This is a brand new innovative way of reaching the unreachable and touching the untouchable." God said I'll raise up the prophetic voice and it will bring inventions and people shall prosper because of it says the Lord!

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