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World News: Fire Pointe / Good News / Knowledge of God / Father's Love - Prophetic Word #319.

I Am Alpha and Omega and I come to tell my prophets first. I will show you this, and you will be very surprised, but this thing that is going to happen on the horizon is something like a heat wave. Heat wave will be coming to the nation of America. A heat wave, a heat wave is coming, but it will not be long. Temperatures going to rise because of the very things that have been done by the protesters. I will cause the temperatures to rise, and they will take note. And my hand will be upon the globe of the earth. And the earth has a place in my heart, and I will cause the earth to be warmer than ever before. And the people will look upon you, and look upon this place, this thing and say. "This child of God has a connection so deep that the planet even listens." But anyone can have this relationship. Not just you prophet, there are many on the earth who are like you. And you will cause many to learn the things of the most high Living God. And I will be with you in these last days, in Jesus name amen.

Australia heatwave sees Victoria, South Australia swelter, NSW expects temperatures to soar

Updated earlier today at 12:15am 2/9/2017

Brace yourself, Australia: it's like an oven out there for large swathes of the country.

Key points:

  • Much of Victoria to experience mid-40s heat but cool change expected for Melbourne

  • Adelaide to hit 42C again, Tarcoola in SA to reach 47C

  • Students in SW Queensland kept indoors, heatwave to intensify in NSW towards weekend

Parts of Australia's south and east have sweltered through 40-degree-plus temperatures today, as severe heatwave conditions continue to develop.

The Bureau of Meteorology says a severe heatwave is moving through the southern parts of South Australia and much of Victoria, while spreading further east into New South Wales' coastal regions and south-west Queensland.

Temperatures were tipped to soar to 44 degrees Celsius in northern Victoria, which is anticipating several days of extreme heat.

Mildura and Swan Hill both reached 44C aboutlunchtime today, prompting fire bans and heat health warnings for the Mallee and Wimmera regions.

There is also a total fire ban in the Central region and heat warnings for East Gippsland.

It was only slightly cooler in Melbourne's CBD, which reached 35C at 2:00pm this afternoon.

It had been forecast to reach a maximum of 37C, which would have made it the Victorian capital's hottest day of the season so far.

More heat on the way as North Pole temps spike by 30 Celsius

Thursday, February 9, 2017, 3:10 PM - Things are heating up in the Arctic, yet again, this week, as one storm has already caused temperatures near the North Pole to spike by nearly 30oC on Wednesday, and even more heat is on the way in the days to come.

Keep an eye on North Pole temperatures on Wednesday night and Friday morning of this week, as they will be approaching the freezing mark.

That may not seem like anything remarkable, but right now, in early February, in the deep darkness of the Arctic winter, 0oC is roughly 30oC above normal for what thermometers should be reading for that part of the world.

South Africa experiencing heatwave conditions February 9, 2017

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