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Prophetic Exhortation:

I Am Alpha and Omega and I come to tell my people that my hand is with them in this season, and what ever you went through in the last season; "I say to you rise up and declare an decree a thing as though it is. Call forth the very thing as it is, and I will come behind your word, and I will bless you. And I will bring joy and celebration into your life. The very things you desire, the good things that you are calling forth, I will bring them into fruition; because I Am Alpha and Omega and I come to stop the hands of the enemy in your life through your words. I will release joy into your life. Joy x13 and you will see the Lord's kindness in this season. I will bring Kindness like never before. I will bring my kindness upon you like honey, like honey, and you will be dripping with my kindness. My glory will shower you with its love, with its power that brings all peace, all blessing, all favor, all joy. Shalom my brothers and sisters, shalom. I Am Alpha and Omega and I come to tell my prophets first. This is the word of the Living God."

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