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World News: Fire Pointe / Good News / Knowledge of God / Father's Love - Prophetic Word #317

I Am Alpha and Omega, and I come to tell my prophets first. You will know this, and you will see this. Mighty is the hand of the Living God. Mighty is the hand of the Living God. I will show you this. There will be more soldiers who have gone to war, who will have problems, and they will come home; and they will say "what am I to do? I am hearing voices, I am hearing voices." "The Lord says, I Am with you my sons and daughters, I Am with you. I Am going to show you how to work out what you are hearing, and I Am going to show you how to be free from that very thing." I will stop all lone wolf occurrences on the earth for a while, for a season. And I will bring about a ground shaking atmosphere that will bring peace in the land. I will be there and I will release my angles to bring peace in the land, to bring peace in the region. All lone wolf occurrences will stop, and I will release my angels to bring peace in the land, in Jesus name.

Mighty is the hand of the Living God. I see a military aircraft having problems in the air. Another military problem, a subjected problem with an aircraft, i'ts a situation that needs attending to. but i will release my angels, I will send my prophets to release my angels. I will send my angels to help the prophets. I will stop this aircraft from having a problem, as it lands, yes you will hear about it. I Am Alpha and Omega, and I come to tell my prophets first. You will hear about this plane. This military plane having problems but I will save the pilots, and they shall land safely in Jesus mighty name.


Officials at a Mississippi military base say a jet has crashed on a training flight, and that two people on board the plane were able to safely eject near the airfield.

Naval Air Station Meridian said in a statement to The Associated Press that an instructor pilot and a student were both taken to a medical facility for evaluation and were in stable condition Tuesday afternoon.

Authorities said the T-45C Goshawk jet crashed shortly before 2 p.m. Tuesday at the base in eastern Mississippi.

Authorities said the aircraft is assigned to Training Air Wing One, and crashed off the east runway.

Base officials said the jet that crashed is used for intermediate and advanced portions of the Navy/Marine Corps pilot training program for jet carrier aviation and tactical strike missions.


I Am Alpha and Omega, and I come to tell my prophets first. You will see this, and you will know this. An electrical problem, an electrical problem taking place. Yes, reactor, reactor, Fukushima x2. Mighty problems happening at the reactor. At Fukushima , but I will contain the problem from where it emanates. I will cause my angels to come, and bring a containment. To cause the electrical problems not to be severe. Mighty is the hand of the Living God.

4.5 magnitude earthquake 43 km from Namie, Fukushima, Japan

about 23 hours ago

UTC time: Friday, January 13, 2017 01:20 AM

Your time: Thursday, January 12 2017 5:20 PM

Magnitude Type: mb

USGS page: M 4.5 - 43km E of Namie, Japan

USGS status: Reviewed by a seismologist

Reports from the public: 0 people


Law to make Tepco retain money for decommissioning costs

The government plans to legally oblige Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings Inc. to retain money to cover costs for decommissioning its crippled Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant, Jiji Press has learned. A draft of a bill to revise the law on the Nuclear ...

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