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Fire Pointe / Good News / Knowledge of God / Father's Love - Prophetic Word #306

Mighty is the hand of the Living God. You must come into a place of rest when I Am speaking through you, so that I can be using you. Mighty is the hand of the Living God. I Am going to show you what you need to see.

The presidential race is going neck and neck but something will happen to one of the candidates and it will not be good. And I will be able to see it through the eyes of mine that have been seeing things forever and ever. And I have got to show you this because this thing, mighty is the hand of the Living God is a bad thing; but I Am going to be there for America. America will see this thing and they will say whoa unto the people of America.

Whoa unto the people of America, why is this thing happening. It is not good, why is this thing happening. And I will say unto the people, I will cause my prophets in the land to rise up and do my biding and bring America to a place of greatness again. And I will cause the people to begin to pray and to humble themselves and I will heal their land. They will call out my name and they will begin to cry out and they will say. " We come to you Lord Jesus, we call out your name Father God and we say we come to you; because we have had enough. We want you to heal our land and we want the revivals to begin to start so that we can have America back the way how we remember it was. In the times of old. In the times of old."

But I Am Alpha and Omega and I will be there for America. And I will show the people who I really Am and they will see that I Am their friend. If you would only cry out and call out to me and seek me and humble your self in prayer and righteousness I will come and heal your land. Yes, I will come and heal your land. This thing that is going to happen is not a good thing, and it will cause the race to be interrupted. I Am Alpha and Omega and I come to tell my prophets first.

Trump rushed off stage, gun scare, one person arrested. November 6, 2016

"Keep praying America!"

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