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Education: Fire Pointe, A Prophetic Tool Launched in Anaheim, California. Research Our Prophetic Vi

Hi this is Raymond and I am a citizen of Heaven. I was transported here by the Lord Jesus Christ into the matrix within my mother’s womb. Kenneth and Gloria McKenzie are my parents. I was born in London, England. I did not come here alone, I arrived on this planet with my identical twin brother Floyd. I was told many times by my mother that she did not feel any pain when I was born.

I still remember a reacquiring dream that I had when I was a small boy.

I was in heaven and there were many escalators with angelic men on them and they were wearing white suits, holding computerized tablets. The angelic man

that was assigned to my brother and I began to ask us what kind of parents do you want? We replied by saying, "we want calm peaceful parents. " He also asked us what do you want to do on the earth? We answered him and said, "we want to play guitar." More to come....

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