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Prophetic Exhortation

I love my people x2 and I will be there to save them and love them and care for them and ex-shalt them among men. And I will bless my people. I will carry them into new realms of my love. New realms into my kingdom of love, into my kingdom they shall walk. In the same place on the earth. The realms of heaven will be joined with the realms of earth, and I will cause my people to inhabit the land as the earth collides with heaven. Thy kingdom will come in front of them and they will walk in it and they will bring glory where ever they go. And I Am causing them to be my darlings on the earth, my darlings. They shall breath and they shall speak. They shall live and they shall see the goodness of the land in their hearts and in their minds, and in their spirits and in their souls. They will begin to know that I Am Alpha and Omega and I will be there for them in a mighty way. My people will see their kingdom of heaven within them, coming on the earth and it will show much fruit. It will bring much fruit, (much fruit. x3) I Am Alpha and Omega, and I come to tell my prophets first

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