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knowledge of God. Prophetic Inventions

I Am Alpha and Omega, and I come to tell my prophets first. You will see this and you will know this. The next great invention is coming. It is a power source used for computers. A new type of power source that will power computers. I Am bringing a new type of computer into the market place. A computer with a new power source. Mighty, a power source, biodegradable power source. Yes a battery containing dirt. A battery containing oil, A battery containing sulfa. A battery containing many atributes that are biodegradable. And it will power the battery it self. It will move the battery into the Twenty third Centry. The battery as we know it will be changed into a new form of energy. A new form of energy in Jesus name. Mighty, I Am Alpha and Omega, I come to tell my prophets first. This battery will revolutionize the way we see and know what a battery can do. I Am Alpha and Omega, and I come to tell my prophets first. It will go back into the ground when it is finished and it will be unearthed to create a new type of cell. Another cell, another battery. I Am Alpha and Omega, the power that man needs is under his feet and I will release it to him in Jesus name.

Feb. 21, 2016

Energy & Green Tech News - Energy Sciences ... - › Technology provides the latest news on energy sciences and green technology, energy ... Lastupdate Worm study may resolve discrepancies in research on aging, 1 hour ago ... The platform, designed for city planners, industry and energy stakeholders, .... Electricity running through a saltwater-filled battery draws the .

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