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World News: Fire Pointe / Good News / Knowledge of God / Father's Love - Prophetic Word #122 U.S

122. The prophetic word of the Lord Jesus Christ, while in late night praise and worship, 8/7/13 NBC News published on 8/24/13 sarin gas attack in Syria.

I am Alpha and Omega and I will bring joy to my people. I am the Lord of Lords king of Kings, and I will bring happiness. I will bring my power. I will heal, I will be the one to make all things right in their lives, and I will bring things that are bigger and better than earthly love or peace. I am the King of Kings, and I will bring my joy, my ministering to the people. Through the people, for the people in Jesus name. Amen, I am Alpha and Omega and I will do this for the people. I will show you prophet, I will show you. I will show you. You will see a big gun ship, a gunship and it will be going to sea soon. It will be going to sea. You will see other gunships following to sea in the Middle East and they will begin to be involved in a standoff. A military standoff, between Russia, and America. I will be there, I will be there. Syria, Syria, Syria, Syria. I will be there for my people. They are my joy, and I love them so much. I love them so much. 8/24/14

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